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  1. geezer

    Kid taken by woman

    This topic is very relevant to me and my wife, we stay in Sasolburg and we do frequent the store (ZIO Food) where this happened. We also have a grandson in that age range, so I am trying to follow this thread to learn from this and try and get some valuable insight that some have posted.
  2. geezer

    Kid taken by woman

    Can a moderator not please step in and clean up this thread from the useless drivel that clutters relevant posts? For example, WTF has spelling or grammatical mistakes got to do with the topic on hand? When I see an error, I usually look to see whether it was a honest mistake such as a letter...
  3. geezer

    Investing: Sasol

    I unfortunately need the cash, I opted to have it paid out after tax.
  4. geezer

    Investing: Sasol

    A steady climb in the share price would be welcome, we've got 220 shares that will be sold on the 1st of June. If anyone has Elon Musk on speed-dial, ask him to buy some Sasol shares just before then, see what his buying of bitcoin did to it's price!:cool:
  5. geezer

    Unanimous support for Winnie Mandela Drive: Joburg mayor

    I cannot wait for my Garmin Nuvi's map update and then try and direct me to take the Winnie Madikizela-Mandela off-ramp, I am sure it is going to be quite amusing!
  6. geezer

    Standard Bank’s new campaign celebrates triumphant South African businesses

    They first need to sort out their online banking system, yesterday it was off for the second time in about a week's time! And it usually happens month-end, when a business have to pay accounts and salaries. Businesses need a reliable online banking platform to be successful.
  7. geezer

    How Everyshop will take on Takealot

    And when Stef Michael woke up, his coffee was cold and his crotch was sticky with his nocturnal emissions.......;)
  8. geezer

    Outage on Standard Bank online and mobile banking

    Not for me, I just logged in and transacted without any problems.
  9. geezer

    Which supermarket chain do you support the most?

    The Checkers in our town is a terrible shopping experience, so my wife usually drive to the next close one about 12km away. Fairly recently revamped, a much better shopping experience. The PnP in town is one of our last options if we do not want to drive to checkers. Rude staff, disorganised...
  10. geezer

    6 things that have become more expensive in South Africa over the last year

    I am VERY sure it's much more than six items.:unsure:
  11. geezer

    Two Limpopo cops jailed for taking R1 000 bribe from motorist

    While this is a good thing, I am always saddened that it's always the small fry that's gobbled up by the legal system, and those involved in corruption of millions and billions are still walking free and living the good life. It seems the moral of the story is that if you decide on a life of...
  12. geezer

    Is Centurion D5 Smart motor any good?

    Buy it yourself ang get someone competent to install it for you.
  13. geezer

    'Out of control' fire moves towards UCT after gutting part of Rhodes Memorial restaurant

    This is a sad sight, always one of my beacons when I go down to Cape Town for the cycle tour.
  14. geezer

    How much money you need to retire in South Africa

    Our company's pension fund works kind of strange. When you decide to go on pension (Normal retirement age is 65, but you can go on early pension without any penalty clauses from the age of 55.), your starting pension is based on your balance in your account as on your last day of formal...
  15. geezer

    ANC wants to ban smartphones from meetings to stop audio leaks

    What about using this, it's non-electronic........:cool:
  16. geezer

    Is it standard procedure that brake-pads are excluded from an extended service plan?

    True that all pads are not created equal, but at 35 000km it should still be OEM parts, which generally lasts quite long.
  17. geezer

    Is it standard procedure that brake-pads are excluded from an extended service plan?

    It seems that some drivers are exceptionally hard on brakes, literally and figuratively. I always get in excess of 100 000km on a set, while some of my colleagues are averaging at less than 50 000km on a set. My previous car was a Hyundai Elantra 1.8 and at the last service (105 000km) before I...