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  1. jannievanzyl

    USB Latency generator

    I posted this over in the Networking thread, not sure if it's the right place but comments over there will really be appreciated. :)
  2. jannievanzyl

    USB Latency generator

    /Hope this is in the right sub-forum :) Looking for a "black box" solution that will introduce a configurable latency between an USB host and device. Something that's "plug-and-play". I'm doing it today with a PC and a fair amount of software but really needs something that's idiot-proof...
  3. jannievanzyl

    SOLD - Specialized Dolce Girls 48cm Road Bike

    Item name (be very descriptive): Specialiazed Dolce Road Bike Age and condition: 2013, absolute mint. Likely less than 500Kms on her Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Daughter lost interest Price: R5000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Western Cape Shipping or collection...
  4. jannievanzyl

    Big Boy T32-SP 150cc Scooter

    Item name (be very descriptive): Big Boy T32-SP 150cc Scooter Age and condition: 2016 model, mint condition, 557Km (yes, less than 600) Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Daughter got car Price: R12 000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Western Cape Shipping or collection...
  5. jannievanzyl

    4-Port Terminal Server

    Item Wanted: TCP/IP to RS232 Terminal Server, 4 or more ports Age: Doesnt Matter Condition : Working Packaging : Not required Location: Cape Town Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Ballpark: Offers
  6. jannievanzyl

    Vintage Computer parts up for grabs - CPT Area - Round 2

    Round two of the Open Garage - Cape Edition: Lots of vintage (XT/8088, AT/286, upwards) motherboards, 8 and 16-bit ISA adapter cards, cases and complete systems up for grabs in the Cape area. Pics on the South African Vintage Computing Group;
  7. jannievanzyl

    Vintage Computer parts up for grabs - CPT Area

    We had quite a successful vintage computing open-garage day recently in JHB, with around 25 people coming around to pick up various bits and pieces. Got one now planned for the Mountain Goats on Saturday the 15th of December in Plattekloof. Again a shitload of XT, AT, 386, etc. motherboards...
  8. jannievanzyl

    Vintage Computers up for grabs - JHB Area

    For peeps in Jhb area into vintage PC stuff (XT onwards); I'm having an open garage in Sandton this coming Saturday morning where a large number of vintage PC systems, motherboards, cards, drives, keyboards, etc. are up for grabs. These were donated by one of the members here on MyBB so there...
  9. jannievanzyl

    Vintage Computers

    Anyone else here collecting vintage computers? Especially from the Home Computer era before the IBM PC became pervasive, i.e. from the 70's and 80's era. Still building my collection but have the following so far: - Ohio Superboard - Apple II - Vic 20 - Commodore 64 - Sinclair ZX80 -...
  10. jannievanzyl

    3G replacement screen

    Can anyone confirm if the replacement screens for the 3G and 3GS differ? Ordered a replacement screen for a 3G but the one connector seems not to click in place and when the phone turns on the touchscreen does not respond. Some Googling did not turn up a conclusive answer though one answer...
  11. jannievanzyl

    Personal Hotspot Issues?

    Need some feedback please. :) There seems to be a rumour floating around that the new iPhone Personal Hotspot feature does not work on Vodacom's network/iPhones. Searching here, I saw one or two posts (mostly from last month) mentioning this but most responses says it works. On both my...