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    Google Cloud

    Sooo much goodness at Linux Academy!! Completed my CKA and some other through them. Worth every cent.
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    Big Data Deal 10GB/10GB Billing concern

    I took out a contract on the promotional R149-/m for the 10GB + 10GB deal from Voda. Got my SIM today, slapped it in and all is working, but when I look at the summary page on my profile, the costs don't make sense to me... hoping I'm maybe just not interpreting it correctly... Am I just...
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    One for the Property Agents/Experts

    Sure, but I don't have such information in my OTP, because there are no conditions. The reason I ask is because I am pretty sure the agent Is stuffing me around, saying she will only put the other buyer on notice once my bond is approved. My OTP was accepted by the seller on the 25th of...
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    One for the Property Agents/Experts

    I'm trying to get consensus around the notice period when buying a new property. So here's the scenario, We put in an offer for a house. There was another offer before ours, which were conditional on them selling their property. Ours didn't have such a condition, and we are ready to buy...
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    The BMW M2 & M2 Competition Thread

    I just drove past one. Fsck me gently! I'm not even a BMW fan, but my goodness this car looks good!
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    [How To] Get iOS7 Right Now (No UDID Slot Required)

    Also picked up the FNB app issue, and I've had two reboots on my phone. I'm loving it though, and even for a beta release, it feels solid enough to run. everything else works fine, and I love the look and feel of the new UI, albeit very Androidesque. Well done, Apple!