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  1. Kloon

    15" MacBook Pro ( 2016 Spec ) With Touch Bar

    I have a 15" Space Grey MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for sale. The laptop is still as good as new with no dents or scratches whatsoever, it was mainly used as a desktop on a stand with a protective cover so the keys have also hardly been used. Price R31 000 Age: Purchased brand new in March 2017...
  2. Kloon

    Fibre and power in same conduit

    I was wondering if in South Africa there are any code against running fibre and electrical wire in the same conduit? Will the installers run the fibre in the same conduit when they come install? Vuma is busy in our area and I had them put my connection box against a boundry wall pillar that...
  3. Kloon

    Vumatel Fibre: Brackenfell North Thread

    This thread is to serve as a general thread regarding Vumatel Fibre in Brackenfell North (Ferndale, Bracken Heights, Eden Park, Springbok Park, Morgenster, Morgenster Heights & Aurana. I will try and keep this updated with build information untill all work has been done and then we can...
  4. Kloon

    WordCamp Cape Town 2013

    Just thought I'd post this here if anyone is interested, date for WordCamp Cape Town 2013 has been set. Will take place on 7 November 2013 at the Cape Town Stadium, tickets and more details on the event can be found at
  5. Kloon

    Who is your ISP of choice?

    Would appreciate if you can go vote for your ISP of choice here
  6. Kloon

    Local IT News Roulette

    I have seen some people wanting a roulette type of feature to some of their favorite news site so I thought I would take it a bit further and make a roulette site for multiple sites. What my news roulette site does it gives users a random news article from local news sites, for now I have...
  7. Kloon

    Blue Bay Lodge Saldanha - Stay far away

    So this weekend the wife and I attended a wedding at this so called first class lodge called Blue Bay Lodge aka Blouwaterbaai. Lets just say that for almost R800 a night I expected not to sleep on 2 single beds with their own duvets pushed together, neither did I expect not to have any warm...
  8. Kloon


    Was thinking of trying this, just want to know how it works? Must I use the openrouter software they provide me with on each pc or can I dial a pptp asuming its like a vpn from my router to give all the pcs access on my network?
  9. Kloon

    Little Mod Rewrite help

    So I have this in my .htaccess RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /rewrite RewriteRule ^(.*)$ user.php?id=$1 [L] and I have a php file <?php echo "username is ".$_GET['id']; ?> so according to me if I visit the php file should return theusername...
  10. Kloon

    Hyundai i20

    Just want to know what your thoughts are on the Hyundai i20, Im currently looking at buying the 160 model. Great value for what you get, and 91KW is quite nippy for a 1600.
  11. Kloon

    Student needing info on cellphones in Kenya

    Please help this student out by commenting on her blog if you know anything about what cellphones are being used in Kenya.
  12. Kloon

    Seacom launch delayed
  13. Kloon

    Website Review

    Hey guys, looking for some feedback on a personal site I designed. Not realy a detailed review like the title suggests, just some feedback on the layout, design and colours.
  14. Kloon

    XBL Comming to SA? Maybe SA is one of those bunch of countries.
  15. Kloon

    CTWUG Meeting 23 May 2009

    <announcement> Dear Wuggers, Our next meeting will take place as follows: Date: 23 May 2009 Time 10h00 onwards Venue: Monte Vista Tennis Club There will be a braai again after the meeting, therefore bring your own chair, drinks, meat, glasses etc. Husbands/wives and children are...
  16. Kloon

    Thank You MyBB!

    CTWUG would just like to thank RPM and the rest of the MyBroadband team for sponsoring some drinks and MyBB gear for the CTWUG meet we had today. Great to have people like you guys sponsoring the local communities. All and all we had a very successful meeting, with allot of participation, more...
  17. Kloon

    Asus copying the wii nunchuck

    Looks like asus copied the wii nunchuck for a controller device thats looks like its meant for a pc game. Having some language issues with the site but pictures clearly show a device similiar to the nunchuck.
  18. Kloon

    Web2.0 Standards

    So my question is this, with ajax becomming a standard nowadays and all fancy things being done to websites with javascript is enabling javascript on your browser a must? I have read that some people prefer to disable javascript due to being afraid of attacks through it. Must you develop your...
  19. Kloon

    CTWUG Meet - 28 February 2009

    We would like to invite everyone to join us for a CTWUG meet on 28 February 2009 at the Monte Vista Tennis Club from 10:00. We will be having a braai afterwards aswell where you can meet everybody on a more personal level. Everybody is welcome, interested and connected wuggers.
  20. Kloon

    XBOX Update?

    Just recieved a xbox update, any ideas what its for?