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    Is BCX having some troubles??
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    2018 LG TV Service Menu

    Anyone in Cape town area that can help me out? Borrow your logitech harmony or android phone with IR blaster for 5 minutes. I'll throw in a beer
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    [S] Efergy E2 energy monitor

    Still available?
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    Ceiling Crack

    Wow you guys are great thanks! It is perfectly straight. Where it meets the ceiling there is no cracks near the wall so makes sense its the gypsum board.
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    Ceiling Crack

    Hi Hope someone can assist. Viewing a house to buy and everything is perfect except for this crack in the ceiling. Anyone know what would cause this? Something to be alarmed about. I'm in cape town area if anyone can put me into touch with someone that might be open to home inspections.
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    Vumatel and MindtheSpeed Any Help?

    I've been struggling with my fibre network, have 20/20 with MindTheSpeed under Vumatel. My download speed has degraded to the degree where I can barely open pages sometimes. I've logged a query and followed their instructions, clearly shows there is an issue. However, Vumatel keeps insisting...
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    ETF's to invest in now?

    +1 on this. I'm well over the +25% growth with the satrix and sygnia 4th industrial. Only on my tax free savings tho.
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    Budget gaming laptop

    Will vouch for a wootbook anyday!
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    LG 55UK6200PLA VS Skyworth 55G6A11T

    I have the LG and have no issues with it. Great TV, HDR is good, so is the smart TV functions. Dstv now app works great.
  10. I Launching 19 August 2019

    Exact same issue with Vumatel.
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread - Workout Check-in Thread

    Definitely look at getting a new watch, thats not right at all!
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread - Workout Check-in Thread

    I find my garmin 235 to be accurate on the heart rate. Depending on how you've set it up.
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    SARS E-Filing 2019 OPEN!

    Rerun the calc. Mine said the same. Rerun and it will work now.
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    Sentiment Analysis

    Nice, thank you for sharing. Very interesting project.
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    SARS E-Filing 2019 OPEN!

    Seems broken for me tho. I've ticked other expenses still unable to input my home expense portions.
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    Sentiment Analysis

    How did you perform the training data wise? Split? Dataset based on the tweets or did you feed investment lines for sentiment and then applied on the tweet dataset? Sorry I'm not sure if dialogflow just applies their trained models.
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    Stanlib Investment - is this normal?

    No financial advisor but Investec geared products with capital protection. Note that these are also available on the secondary market via easy equities. Just be careful with your calculations to ensure you are at a good buy-in. I didn't have the 100k to start off so went onto the secondary...
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    Flaw in Telkom online chat discovered

    I've actually seen this as well.. there is some clear issues with the chat.
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    Faulty pc - anyone able to help

    Seems to be the bios needs update... now to find older cpu
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    Faulty pc - anyone able to help

    Did that yes. I've tried the basics. Only other thing I can think off is that both PSU's is faulty. But since it does start up, I dunno if it really could be the psu.