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  1. ronz91

    iPhone Amazon

    Hi guys iPhone 7 Amazon iPhone 7 Amazon iPhone 8 Amazon would I have any issues using this in SA?
  2. ronz91

    Older iPhones on contract

    Last year every retailer was selling iPhone 6s on contract but searching recently nothing besides new iPhones available. iPhone 7 or 8 available in contract or account anywhere?
  3. ronz91

    Best long duration all network call bundles

    Hey guys I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum But I am looking for good deals for prepaid all network call bundles, I know Cell C has good deals like the 900min to all networks for R200 but it's only valid for one month. I am looking for deals that last longer than that...
  4. ronz91

    Android app causing Google critical security alert

    Hi guys So yesterday my phone pops up with a Google account notification saying there was suspicious activity. It prompts me to change my password after authenticating me via my mobile number. I change the password. Now the same has happened again today, however I can log into my account via...
  5. ronz91

    help - adding sata port to motherboard

    Hi guys I have a motherboard that has only 2 sata ports available. This is it: There seems to be 2 solder points for 2 more ports but they were never attached. - see pic I need to connect 2 HDDs and a DVD writer to the board. I have...
  6. ronz91

    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition)

    Hey guys This is an interesting device released by Samsung. As usual we do not get the 5G SnapDragon version neither is the retail pricing as good as Europe and US. However I see Amazon pricing is fairly respectable...
  7. ronz91

    Asus Zenfone 7/7 Pro - Anyone else excited about this?

    Hi guys This is looking like quite a good all round device. They moved to a 90Hz amoled which is awesome. Gcam is apparently very good on this device. Ofcourse its unlikely to be available here. Anyone else excited?
  8. ronz91

    Stores that sell tech - good credit offerings

    Hi guys So I opened an account with Foschini (TFG Group) and purchased a Xiaomi for my mum. They required a 20-30% payment when purchasing, then I had the option of paying off the rest whenever it suited me for upto 12 months. I paid it off in 2-3 months as it was not that expensive. I prefer...
  9. ronz91

    best all network prepaid calling bundles

    Hi guys I am looking for the best options for all network calling bundles. I have seen the Cell C 900min for R200 bundle thats valid for 30 days. Anything with a longer validity period? Looking to get something for the parents so I can get rid of the landline finally. Thanks
  10. ronz91

    Availability of Snapdragon devices in SA

    Hi guys I thought it would be good to have a repository of links to Snapdragon devices you could buy from SA providers, especially higher end devices. So drop links below, I will do the same. Thanks
  11. ronz91

    How much longer will the 6s be supported?

    Hi guys I see the contract for 6s CPO devices is decently priced. How much longer do you think Apple will support them with iOS updates? I assume app compatibility is not an issue as it can run iOS 14 which should be valid for ages to come. Thanks
  12. ronz91

    Phone recommendation for parent

    Hi guys I have a Vodacom contract due for upgrade next month, so I am going to get my mum a new phone. So I narrowed it down to the following: Considerations: Age - most released 2019/2020 Obviously cheaper is better She doesn't have large hands, so I don't want something huge OS - 10 is...
  13. ronz91

    Hisense devices - any good?

    Hi guys I am looking at this Hisense device for my dad: Are they worth the money? Seems a decent price for 16GB + 2GB Ram dual sim 4G device
  14. ronz91

    Blu Studio Mini from Amazon

    Hi guys I am looking at getting this for my dad: I see on a comparison on gsmarena...
  15. ronz91

    Cheap device with strong hotspot

    Hey guys Trying out Rain offpeak uncapped but my old Moto G 4G has a weak hotspot and signal only covers a single room. I wanna buy another device <=R1000 to use as a hotspot. Dual sim would be even better as I can maybe use IFTTT or Tasker to switch to another sim during peak time.
  16. ronz91

    Cheap Android - =>16gb rom

    where do they have xiaomi devices on contract? looking for a new device for my dad, his J1 Ace's 4gb memory(actually only like 2gb usable) and dual core processor needs upgrading. want something with atleast 16gb onboard, 32gb if the price is decent.
  17. ronz91

    Where can I get Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2?

    Hi guys Where can I get Xiaomi Airdots 2 Pro from at a reasonable price? Checked out Gearbest and AliExpress. Anywhere else?
  18. ronz91

    Samsung Galaxy M30

    Any ideas on local availability?
  19. ronz91

    Dual-sim with dedicated MicroSD slot

    Hey guys Which phones widely available today have a true dual-sim set-up ie 2 sim slots and a memory card slot? Feel free to drop links Thanks
  20. ronz91

    dual-sim Android One phones available on contract

    Hey guys Are there any Android One phones available on contract with proper dual-sim and microSD? Thanks