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  1. The_Librarian

    Passwordstate COMPROMISED

    Anybody using Passwordstate to store passwords in should reset all their passwords and take the necessary precautions as Passwordstate got compromised. Story on Ars Technicia.
  2. The_Librarian

    Mobile speed/throughput issues on TELKOM and CELLC

    Yesterday evening I noticed that videos (youtube, reddit etc) was buffering a lot. This morning it is just as bad. Doesn't matter if I switch over to telkom or cellc, both are just as bad as the other. And it seems not to be location specific. Anybody also experiencing speed/throughput issues?
  3. The_Librarian

    Greg Kroah-Hartman bans University of Minnesota from Linux development for deliberately buggy patches

    Some researchers tried to slip bad patches into the Linux kernel as a "test." When they kept trying, Greg Kroah-Hartman, the Linux kernel maintainer for the stable branch, put an end to their efforts. Rest of the story is here (no paywall|).
  4. The_Librarian

    Whistleblower : Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic”

    Rest of the story is here.
  5. The_Librarian

    Generator oil?

    Hi all Which oil is recommended for use in a 4-stroke 7kw generator? Ours need a top up. TIA Ook
  6. The_Librarian

    URGENT - Major Exchange Security Breach (Krebs On Security)

    Calling all Exchange Sysadmins to immediate battle stations :
  7. The_Librarian

    Diagnostics software and hardware - where to get?

    Hi Guys We are looking at purchasing some diagnostics software for vehicle diagnosis. We are also looking at getting data cables for VW and Mitsubishi. Anybody have an idea where I can get these? TIA Ook
  8. The_Librarian

    Flamethrowers and other fun things at DeBoss Garage

    Shameless plug and punt. Because of a flamethrower. Yes, you've read it right. But it is not just any piddly flamethrower like this one : Ohhhh heck no. Rich is more ambitious than that. A Cummins-driven flamethrower. Yup, that's right. He took one of these (with a Cummins power plant) ...
  9. The_Librarian

    Initiate Windows Update at 00:00

    Hi All Is there any way to have a Windowsupdate kick off at 24:00 to take advantage of midnight (cheaper) data? I had a shufty, but can't see any controls or the such to make this sort of thing happen. Cheers Ook
  10. The_Librarian

    Axxess fixed LTE (Telkom)

    So I got tired of RAIN - there is some signal but throughput makes you want to punch somebody in the face. Last week Wednesday I ordered a Telkom fixed LTE SIM through Axxess, which got delivered this morning. Rushed back home at warp speed (he he he he) put the SIM into the router, powered...
  11. The_Librarian

    Telkom signal booster

    Hi Guys Any suggestions for a telkom signal booster for our farm? Bonus points will be if it can boost MTN/Voda/CellC/RAIN/etc signals as well. Requirements : It must be able to run on solar as there is no Eskom reticulation. There is no LOS between the house and the place where we get a...
  12. The_Librarian

    Any bets on "wet coal" for the weekend of the 30-31st January 2021?

    According to predictions, the wet conditions will prevail until Tuesday. So, place your bets now.
  13. The_Librarian

    Ook's issues with Corolla - crank but no start - RESOLVED

    Hokay Best to start from the beginning. Cold start issues on my Corolla. (car starts just fine when warm). Symptoms feel like a definite loose electrical connection, but then again it may also be fuel-related, as a loose electrical connection will just cut out, whilst fuel starvation will...
  14. The_Librarian

    COVID-19 : A Survivor's Tale

    This thread is exclusively for those who got infected with COVID-19 and survived it to tell the tale. You are under no obligation to post, but if you feel that your experience will help others, feel free to post.
  15. The_Librarian

    Inverter/regulator and software to use

    This thread is to help others getting good, working software for their inverters/regulators should there be a need for logging of performance stats. Please help others by mentioning your brand, and the correct software to download with the full URL.
  16. The_Librarian

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit ISO

    Hi Anybody who have got an ISO image for Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits? I need to do a reinstall for a client. He cannot afford a new laptop or upgrade to Windows 10, the laptop's too old for that. Thanks
  17. The_Librarian

    Ook's journey into PV land

    Communica in Midrand have a 3000w Synapse 3.0V+ inverter/regulator, 350w PV panels and deep-cycle batteries. A pure-sine inverter may be a bit more expensive, but in terms of effectiveness it is a better purchase as your fridge motor and other electronics do not like modified sine, and may...
  18. The_Librarian

    [The Register] Pen Test Partners: Boeing 747s receive critical software updates over 3.5" floppy disks

    Very, very interesting article on The Register, detailing a penetration test on a retired Boeing 747. Youtube video is here. Very fascinating and insightful reading and watching. Enjoy!