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    Suggest a car for under R200k

    Good morning all, I am about to pull the trigger on one a VW Polo GT, but first, I wanted to get your input. Is there a better purchase for under R200k? - Cheap-ish to maintain - Good fuel consumption - Not expensive to insure - Not lacking in power
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    Archer T2U - No 5Ghz

    Bought this today and I am unable to connect to my 5Ghz network, provided by a Unify AC Lite . I have installed the latest available driver from tp-link's site and tried some other tricks, found on google and youtube. Tried all the options for Country Region 5G and none worked. And yes, my AC is...
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    Pull data from RS-232 aka Com port.

    My request is related to Time & Attendance and helping a company out. This company has a handpunch 4000 T&A machine, which connect to one of the computers via serial cable. They have to open a app (supplied by their current T&A support company), download the clocks and then print it. Then they...
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    Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 new mail notifications

    Okay, not sure if it is all related, but I am starting to think it is... A couple of weeks ago, skype dated and I am not using the windows 10 skype, I downloaded the desktop version form their site. So skype updated and I am happy to see that there are no more adverts and it looks a lot like...
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    Raspberry Pi3 model B+ Media Kit

    Item: Raspberry Pi3 model B+ Media Kit Age: 1 Week Price: R1k Warranty: Yes Packaging: Original Condition: Excellent Location: Alberton Reason: Doesn't work with my plex setup Shipping: Yes, your cost and risk Collection: Yes Link...
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    Another n00b Iphone 4 Q. :)

    I know that you can turn your Iphone 4 into a wireless hotspot with the release of IOs 4.3, but is it possible for us here in SA? Using MTN.
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    Ipad 3G -> Wifi

    Hey guys, My boss bought 2 Ipads in the US, but he bought the 3G ones. Can you change them to wifi, by buying a wifi card or something?
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    Going the Virtual route.

    Hey Guys, I am busy looking into Virtualization of some of our clients server. Couple of questions though. 1. Whom in SA sells this product? 2. What is the difference between VM Ware Server and ESXi? 3. From what I have seen, ESXi doesn't need a host OS. Does it install like an OS? 4. Start...
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    "Budget" PC - Input welcome

    Hey Guys, Helping out a mate as he wants to buy 2x new pcs and has a budget of about R5k each. This is what I have so far... I would like to get everything from one shop, then he only has to pay one place. :) They will be used for gaming, movies and music... And the occasional school work, we...
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    SFF PCs

    Hi, Anyone know where I can get SFF PCs? Something with a socket 775 mobo and a pretty decent PSU?
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    Suggestions - Screamer Wimax

    I thought about creating a thread where we can post suggestions/requests to Screamer... 1. Control panel to monitor BW usage(apparently they are already busy with this.) 2. More BW options, like a local only account 3. Ability to manage your account, like change your password 4. Data...
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    Website logger

    Hi Guy, Looking for a program, which is free, which I can use to log websites users access, without them knowing about it... :D Anyone know of such a thing? I have found some, but they only give you a trial version and requires user interaction.
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    America's Army 3 announced

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    IS damn slow?

    Is it just me or is there something wrong with WA's IS local accounts? I have 2x30gig Local IS accounts and are unable to browse any pages with them now... I pinged and get a latency of +-66... :confused: Edit: I am currently on my saix accounts and it is working wonderfully...
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    Huawei E220 problem

    Hi guys, Don't know if this is the right place, but I have a problem with my E220 device. I plug it in and it shows that it detects and installs the driver and add the cdrom drive to my computer, but it stops there. I am trying to flash the firmware of it, to no avail. I have tried the VC...
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    The cake is a lie...

    Anyone got more info on a "new" portal or something. :confused: I really liked the game and have played it a million time through, but it is getting borring now... :D
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    Computer not booting

    Hi Guys, I know there are so many threads ou there about this, my hardware differs and it could be a different problem. Hardware: E8400, 2x2Gig Corsair XMS2 extreme, Asus striker II formula, CM 750w and newly purchased HD 4870x2 :) Obviously, the pc ain't starting, so no bios...
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    MTN Fastlink B970

    Don't know if this is available yet, but if it is, does anyone have it? I see that they claim that it could be an alternative to dsl, but I just want to know about the ping on this compared to the USB or card?!?! :confused:
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    Looking for 775 CPU.

    Hi guys, I am looking for a cheap :D intel cpu, socket 775. My boss has one, the C2D E6700, but he says I should make him an offer he can't refuse... :confused: What will a good price be? I know I can get a E2220 for about R900, but I think the E6700 should be faster than this cpu...
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    Should I upgrade?

    Hi Guys, I have 2x 8800GTX's running in SLI. I have the Asus II Formula board. Should I upgrade to a HD4870? Obviously I won't be able to CF it later on, but my GTX's aren't worth that much anymore... :(