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    ‘Foreigners: Earn £31k or leave UK!’ Excellent idea. Then the locals won't have to compete with so much cheap labour from India, Africa and Poland.
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    Anonymous Listens in to FBI Conference Call Fascinating to listen to the whole conversation. It appears that the Scotland Yard officer hasn't a clue even what Steam is, yet is investigating IT crimes and hacking!
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    Public Protector's Son Crashes State Car What was she thinking?
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    ASA Rules in Favour of Frankie's Nice victory for the small guy.
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    Occupy Rondebosch Common Protesters on the March Tomorrow. This has been tried before and I recall the locals turned up with shotguns.:o
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    British Spy Rock Was Genuine. The old story from 2006 is here. I bet the guys who said this was a made-up story are feeling foolish.
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    Cape Town most dangerous city in the world outside the Americas!
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    Owner of Vicious Dog at Clifton is a 'Dog Whisperer' I just looked at his Facebook page and the website. He looks like he made the whole 'expert' thing up.
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    Bird flu empties South Africa's ostrich farms I wasn't aware of the scale of this problem. It bothers me that I've just been eating this meat in various forms (& enjoyed most of it), yet the industry is in the midst of an Avian Flu health scare. How is it that the prices for Ostrich meat...
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    Bus Lane Cameras in CT Turned Off! What a monumental waste of public money. I presume now the taxi drivers will protest.
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    Matric Results Should be Private - or should they?
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    Seagate Now Owns Samsung Hard Drive Business

    As of December 2011. I wonder if this will affect stock. I prefer the Samsung drives. Seagate now officially owns Samsung's hard drive business
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    WebAfrica modems are locked - Didn't know that was allowed!

    From the WA forum itself. They claim the ADSL modem is locked for "security reasons". To me it sounds like they don't want this guy to go to another ISP. If indeed, he paid R1500 for it, then surely it should not come locked in to the WA network? That's unethical to say the least.
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    DA Wants H.I.V Testing Without Consent One gaff after another. They are going for a hat trick.:wtf:
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    Groupon Under Investigation for Breaking Ad Regulations 48 TIMES I've seen quite a few that are suspect or have hidden clauses.
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    Net Neutrality is More Important than Naked ADSL? This is an old article, but still relevant.
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    Do you still play the lottey? Maybe u should reconsider... Something fishy here. Vote with your feet and boycott this charade until they explain.
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    Roebuck Death: So did he jump or was he pushed?
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    Men who don't use condoms - charge with att. murder: ZILLE

    Has DA leader Helen Zille crossed a line? At a recent summit and in a series of tweets she has called for men who have multiple sexual partners and refuse to use condoms to be charged with attempted murder. We track the latest storm in a Twitter cup...
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    What's the Point of Twitter?

    I haven't used it for very long, but I fail to see the point of Twitter. It seems to be full of celebrities and high profile people telling us things about themselves. However they don't appear interested in what you think and certainly don't want to engage in any form of conversation. Ignoring...