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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Got mine this morning. So far I like the feel of the remote, way better that the Mibox 3/S and it fits perfectly in my hand. Haven’t played around with the device yet, but so far so good.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    You will have to reboot it everyday after you have switched it on.
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    Chromecast with Google TV

    Thanks. I was planning on getting the ATV4K, but after I saw an article about the Apple TV app coming to it, then decided to get it. It will work well with all my Google Home Devices in the house. The Atmos support was the other reason I got it, as I’m planning to get an Atmos sound system.
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    Chromecast with Google TV

    Another forum member did import it and ended up paying R1600 including shipping and taxes.
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    Chromecast with Google TV

    And how much will it cost when you import it into the country?
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    Chromecast with Google TV
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    Chromecast with Google TV

    I have just disconnected my Xiaomi mibox 3 and 4, and gave them away. Tired of the disconnection, hanging and green screens. I’m waiting for the Chromecast 4K with Google TV that I’ve just ordered from Takealot. Anyone currently using the device, and how is the performance?
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    Two pitbulls maul four-year-old boy to death

    Also a badly written article. It talks about three pitbulls that mauled him behind the house, when he went to fetch a rugby ball they were playing with. Doesn’t say if it was the neighbours yard or the boys home. The attack happened when the dogs owner was at work and was later phoned to inform...
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    ECG feature finally available for Apple Watch in South Africa on WatchOS 6.2.8

    Same here. Suspect it’s because we on iOS14.
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    Classified section has one for sale.
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    Single water meter in sectional title scheme.

    I was thinking about this today. In my rented out unit there are two people, and I’m tired of funding other people. Now the complex has installed sprinklers for the lawn and the water usage has dramatic gone up.
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    South Africa is getting a special ‘crime detection university’ to boost policing

    What happened to the one in Paarl that was introduced by Phiyega in partnership with UNISA.
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    SAPS had improper deal with Tracker : Mkhwebane

    It will transmit a signal to the police vehicle fitted with the Tracker tracking equipment.
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    SAPS had improper deal with Tracker : Mkhwebane

    That’s how he has been winning those awards.
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    Wanted Lenovo Thinkpad T440p motherboard Location. Johannesburg

    Lenovo Thinkpad T440p motherboard. Must be working and Password unlocked.
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    Which TV or streaming services do you use?

    Netflix, DSTV Now, Showmax, Prime Video.
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    One dead, shootout WestvilleMall (Durban) - 28/11/2019

    True. They have a “choice” to book out an R5 rifle when they go on patrols, but choose not to because it’s heavy and too much responsibility.
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    Gavin Watson Dies in Car Crash

    In certain cases the police remove the disc and file it in the case docket.
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    Gavin Watson Dies in Car Crash

    Yes they do remove the disc and file it in the docket.