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    Franklin expedition - DNA test identifies member of 1845 Arctic voyage
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    Mexico City metro overpass collapse kills 23
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    Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce after 27 years
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    Indonesian submarine sank off Bali, navy says
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    There were 2.5 billion T. rexes on Earth, palaeontologists now estimate
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    [Oxford] Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough
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    Chad's President Idriss Déby dies 'in clashes with rebels'
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    Charles Geschke - Adobe co-founder who helped develop the PDF dies
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    Nasa chooses SpaceX to build Moon lander
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    Raúl Castro steps down as Cuban Communist Party leader
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    The genius behind early Russian space tech
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    Tributes pour in for Graeme Bloch – an educationist and activist with an ‘insatiable curiosity’
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    Saint Vincent volcano - Soufrière erupts amid mass evacuation
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    Famed publisher Jonathan Ball, 69, dies in Cape Town Full obituary:
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    South Africa has now been in lockdown for a year. Here's how it all played out
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    Super-cold thunderstorm sets temperature record
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    Oscar-nominated actor George Segal dies aged 87
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    Egypt's Suez Canal blocked by large container ship Edit: Wikipedia article has plenty of details:
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    Australia floods: Thousands evacuated as downpours worsen Pictures:
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    Volcano erupts near Iceland's capital Reykjavik Video two days before the eruptuon: