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    Brooklyn (Pretoria) SAPS - well done

    Regarding my close encounter with the iffy kind :D Brooklyn SAPS called me twice , and they paid a visit to the scene of the crime yesterday. I'm amazed and it shows that there are still some SAPS members who do a proper job. Guys - well done ;)
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    Got the shock of my life - blood pressure

    Went to donate blood this morning and they measured my blood pressure.. 140/70 with a resting pulse of 62 ... I'm off to go and see my GP (who's also my dad :D) I've always have had EXCELLENT cardiovascular health - never been sick (although a wee bit sinus 2 months ago) I weigh about 80 kg...
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    25 Years age difference in a relationship

    She's 50 , I'm 25. Could the age difference prove to be a problem ?