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    How long does it take for telkom to connect my line?

    I recently moved to a new flat. The physical wires for the telkom line are already present, all that telkom needs to do is connect the line. I've phoned their call centre all week to find out what the progress is on the line, but all I have had as a response is that 'the system is down'. Any...
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    M-Web Uncapped ADSL - 384kbps - Very happy with service

    I think that M-Web (rightfully) gets a lot of flak on this forum with all the downtime we've been experiencing over the last few weeks. I just wanted to post some positive feedback in that I am actually very happy with M-Web. I appreciate the way that they manage their network - I've been on...
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    Facebook slow like molasses

    Is anyone else finding that Facebook is running REALLY slowly, and has been for the past few days?