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    When you google for answers this is what I get "Share links in a reduced, easy-to-remember format, place it on a website or social media platform, get a hefty commission" The part I'm struggling with is "place it on a website or social media platform". I don't know how to do this. I am looking...
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    Luno email asking to upload documents

    I did my verification a couple of years ago and now I get an email to repeat the process. This smell like a phishing attempt. Is the following email address really from Luno or from a phishing attempt/scammer: from: Luno <> mailed-by:
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    Who is going to the Binance Cape Town Meetup 6 Sep 2019

    The Meetup is at the J&J Conference Centre in Rondebosch from 3pm till 6pm
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    Windows Commander Issue in Windows 10

    I'm experiencing a windows commander issue that causes File Explorer to open many sessions at once and it keeps on doing this like it is search for something. I've tried AGV virus scan but it detects no viruses. I've tried the malware/spyware software and nothing. Anyone here had the same...
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    MWEB offers Cell C 2GB packages for R89

    MWEB, Cell C offer data deal .