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  1. Claymore

    Microwave oven sizes

    Our microwave is getting a little flaky, and I saw Game had a special on a 32 litre Samsung microwave for R1600 or so. I went over to take a look, and it didn't seem to be any bigger than our current Logik microwave. So I went and found a tape measure, measured the inside dimensions, and the...
  2. Claymore

    Suit hire

    Can anyone recommend a place for renting a suit preferably near to JHB West Rand? My son is going to a matric farewell party and I don't want to spend R3K on a suit he might only wear once. I've found Florida Tailors and Eurosuit so far, no idea how good either is.
  3. Claymore

    JD Power Initial Quality Survey 2020

    Interesting article on Tesla's position (bottom) in the 2020 JD Power IQS. Top 5: Dodge Kia Chevrolet Ram Genesis Bottom 5: MB Volvo Audi Land Rover Tesla
  4. Claymore

    Laptop repairs, JHB

    Can anyone recommend a laptop repairer? I have a friend with a laptop with a broken power connector (from the sounds of it) in Bryanston/Sandton.
  5. Claymore

    Webcam suggestion

    A friend has a piano teacher she wants to help. This teacher wants to continue with giving piano lessons via video calls, but will need a webcam. I don't think one of the regular clip-on-the-screen webcams will cut it. Can anyone suggest a webcam that would be suitable? I imagine it would need...
  6. Claymore

    Recommendation for home wifi installer

    I have a client who needs some home networking sorted out. He has fibre plus a router, and I set up a powerline adaptor for him, but the wifi reach is not quite good enough to reach all corners of the house. What he needs is a decently professional setup with wifi (Unifi or whatever) that gets...
  7. Claymore

    So few threads in this forum... :)

    Such short pages! :sneaky:
  8. Claymore

    Volvo experiences

    It's getting time to get a new car, and the Volvos are looking rather attractive, specs-wise at least. I'd be thinking of a 5-6 year old V60 or S60, T5 or D5 auto. Anyone have any comments or ownership experiences?
  9. Claymore

    Buying a French laptop

    A customer had their laptop stolen, and needs a new one. He is French though, and would like a laptop with a French AZERTY keyboard and Windows 10 Pro (which allows the changing of OS language). Anyone know where one could get such a thing in SA?
  10. Claymore

    Telkom/Intekom SMTP server

    Does anyone know the right settings for someone with an email address to use the Telkomsa SMTP server? I have a customer with one old email address, and he's been unable to send email since he got a new PC. I eventually stumbled on a combination of settings to get it...
  11. Claymore

    McCain: Economy is strong

    McCain On 'Black Monday': Fundamentals Of Our Economy Are Still Strong McCain's left hand seemingly doesn't know what his right hand is doing.