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  1. xera

    Stable Business Fibre in Fourways?

    Hi all, what are the best providers for Business Fibre (at least 50/50 to 200/200) in the Fourways area? We have been using Neotel, or Liquid Telecom now, and the past few months the Internet has been absolutely terrible. The speedtests this morning have been 0.1Mbps, or speedtest has been...
  2. xera

    Gigabit SSD dedicated hosting in South Africa?

    Hi all, With the advent of 100+Mbps Fibre-to-the-home, and our increasing hosting requirements, we were shocked to discover that Hetzner has been defaulting all of our network connections to 100Mbps. After further investigation, we found out that upon request, Hetzner will immediately connect...
  3. xera

    Cell C LTE-Advanced Router

    Has anyone used this router? Is there a better modem available that works with Cell C with LTE-Advanced? I would prefer to buy a router by a known brand, than this generic Chinese brand. This router takes forever to start up, last time I checked it took 5 minutes. This is unacceptable in...
  4. xera

    Galaxy Note 4 Proximity Sensor not working after repair at Samsung Service Centre

    My Note4 primary camera broke, so I took my phone to the official Samsung Service Centre at The Grove Mall in Pretoria. I sent my phone in on the 12th January 2017, and only got it back yesterday the 8th February 2017. Four weeks wait! :cry: The first dodgy thing I picked up, was that...
  5. xera

    Does anybody have an iPhone lying around?

    I am looking for an iPhone 4 or newer to use to test some app's I am creating. The iPhone will only be used indoors, and I need it for up to 2 months. I will only update the firmware to latest with the owners consent, and if I required it. Please put your iPhone to good use, and help me out! :)
  6. xera

    Ubiquiti, UniFi AP and EdgeRouter Lite

    Greetings I have been using a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND for my WiFi, and have been very unhappy with it's overall performance. I have installed continuous firmware updates, and recently several DD-WRT versions, but nothing seems to be able to keep it stable. Whether it's been on for a whole week, or...
  7. xera

    iOS Push Mail

    How can I get push mail on my iPhone? Is there an app I can get, or setting I can tweak?
  8. xera

    iOS 7 - can an iOS developer revert to iOS 6?

    It was only after upgrading that I realized my XCode wasn't compatible with iOS 7... and to get it working, I required XCode 5, which I downloaded, only to find out that XCode required OS X Mountain Lion, which I never bought because I never needed it (till now, when apple made it a...
  9. xera

    iPhone 4S Bumper

    Where can I get a bumper for an iPhone 4S? In pretoria area.
  10. xera

    iTunes change directory to another hdd so I can update my iPhone firmware?

    Ok yet again iTunes tries to save everything to my C drive, which doesn't have much space as it's my SSD, and reserved for important files not temp iTunes junk. How can I change the iTunes temp path to D, so that I can update, and not get the usual "unknown catastrophic error has occurred"...
  11. xera

    SSD for MacBook Pro 2009 - How can I tell if it's compatible?

    Hi all, I am wondering what SSD to get for my mid 2009 MacBook Pro. I have been using a SSD in my desktop for over a year now, and loving it... (time flies when you're having fun, eh? :love:) .. and I really need to upgrade my 5400 RPM snail :sick: inside my MBP, which is too slow to do...
  12. xera

    Can't select speakers or headphones on black line one - P8P67 Deluxe

    Greetings, I have googled this problem, didn't find anything that worked yet. Basically I want my black line out to play exactly the same thing as the green. I am plugging my headphones into the black line out, but nothing is playing through it - if I open the Realtek control panel, I...
  13. xera

    Nokia 6120 classic - Not switching to HSDPA, 3.5G ?

    Greetings, Two Nokia 6120c's (which support HSDPA 3.6), both have 3G enabled and work with 3G, but only one switches to 3.5G when there's signal, the other doesn't. Both have vodacom sim card's. Both tested at exactly the same location (where there's HSDPA signal). Both sim card's have...
  14. xera

    A Silent PC Case

    Hey all, I'm looking for a silent pc case. I really cannot bear the fan noises and hdd resonating noises, which drives me crazy when I'm not drowning it out with music. I have already heard of the cosmos 1000, and Antec SOLO... The cosmos is a bit pricey though. Does anybody else know...
  15. xera

    Keep on getting a DCOM Exploit from an IP within same IP range!

    My antivirus has been popping up almost every day recently. :( It shows the hackers IP address. :twisted: It is in the same range as my IP, so if their IP is x.x.a.b, then my IP is x.x.c.d . I have recorded the last few IP's. I did a NetBIOS query on that IP, and it said: PC name...
  16. xera

    Please advise about business phone that can view PDF

    Greetings My dad is upgrading his contract, and he needs a good phone that can view PDF's. He is on vodacom talk 200s or so at the moment. Maybe he will get more seconds. The phone needs to be reliable and work properly, as he runs his business with his phone. Requirements: 1. Good...
  17. xera

    Please advise about new router.

    Well my old linksys WRT54G3G 1.1 router finally died, and I must admit I am quite relieved, because this thing gave me so much trouble, and wasted so much of my time. It's specs, -WLAN, 54Mbps -LAN 100Mbps x4 -Slot for mobile connect card The admin page was so badly designed, and would...
  18. xera

    Macbook Pro HDD corrupted - AGAIN

    Hi all.... I have the Unibody MBP, got it in aug 2009 I think. It has the SD card reader, 2.8Ghz c2d, 9600MGT 512MB, and 500GB 5400rpm hdd. I also have win7 x86 installed, using bootcamp. Well last year just before the 1 year warranty was over (aug 2010), my mac os was getting very slow...
  19. xera

    iBooks (iPhone and iPad), using PDF?

    Greetings all, I have quite a collection of PDF's on my computer... Would it be easily possible for me to simply copy these PDF's over to an iPhone or iPad? Are there any obstacles I should know about? How exactly does it work?
  20. xera

    Cell C Modem DISABLING my keyboard!?

    I have the 21.6Mbps modem... I was in jhb, and it was working fine. But then I took it on holiday.... I took my same pc down to durban. When I plugged it in durban, same same usb port, it had an enormous struggle detecting the modem! The cell c software kept on saying detecting device, and...