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    Gaming control Panels

    hey guys, So I have made panels for some time but typically for the flight simming community and primarily international. Inhave not done so for about 2 years but thinking I need to dust off the CNC and pickup again. Not sure if anyone would be interested OR know of gaming forums where that...
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    NO R4000 Voucher with my Note 20 ULTRA - Cancellation Logged with TELKOM

    Hey Guys Around the 19th of August i ordered the Samsung Note 20 Ultra as an upgrade. It was advertised with a R4000 voucher for accessories. The order was confirmed on the 21st via SMS. I got the phone around the 28th. I called Samsung to get the voucher BUT the special ended on the 23rd. I...
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    Moving to Ireland

    Hi Guys Has anyone been to, OR still in, Ireland to work AND have a family? Particularly Dublin. I have done some searching etc and there are MANY versions of "what is the cost of living". The question is "how much do i want to earn" and the answer could make or break the negotiations. SO 3K...
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    Midrand wifi but not easyweb

    Hey guys I have been with easyweb since 2015/16. For months it has been pathetic but last 2 weeks almost unusable. Anyone in midrand area using a wifi provider. Easyweb dont even respond to their support emails anymore. Or GOOD 4g with about 500gb/month for a descent price?
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    Import License services

    Hey guys Does anyone know of a good service that assists in getting the import licenses. I don't have the time to sit at SARS. Every hour away from the office is an hour unpaid. Also the cheaper the better OBVIOUSLY :) i have seen between R2500+ and R1650 ion a quick search but I am hoping for...
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    OpenWeb is just the best.... pfffff

    OK so i get an email this morning from OpenWeb at 01:27am this morning! It says: Hey Friends, Your CEO has finally lost his mind! I am offering 1Mbps Uncapped ADSL access for only R99 per month for life! Offer valid only for signups until the end of Thursday 16 February 2012...
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    OpenWeb is just the best.... HUH?

    Wrong Place...