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    WTF is going on at link africa?

    Following up on this: They eventually did their inspection, 2 months later they call asking for another. Told them nope. Today I get a notification that my fibre is down, check the cameras and someone is at the...
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    Exchange Server exploits #hafnium

    In typical mybb fashion the editors are too busy copying and pasting rubbish to report on actual technology news so I figured I would share. Vulnerabilities have been disclosed that affects Exchange Server, the internet is freaking out as these are pretty serious. the TL;DR Patches are out...
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    Samsung IPX-S300B price

    Looking for someone who can give me a comparative quote on a Samsung IPX-S300B, anyone have a recommended Samsung reseller they can point me towards?
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    Link Africa selling their network?

    Got a call from Link Africa that the manhole in our complex needs to be inspected, told them to get lost. Got a follow up call from a contractor who said he has to do the inspection, told him I have checked and he should get lost. After a back and forth he says they are inspecting the...
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    Ebucks discounts?

    I'm browsing the ebucks store and I cant find any examples where your rewards discount is applied, does anyone have any examples of the current discounts or have they stopped doing that?
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    Turns out you cannot cancel rain

    3 cancellation requests sent so far, all ignored. Anyone have a number to contact these clowns on?
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    Call from cell c to Telkom, the number is no longer in service

    I'm on Telkom mobile, number originally ported from virgin. Since Friday if someone on Cell C calls me they get a message that my number no longer exists. I can call any network and all others can call me. Anyone else mind to test if possible and see if you are experiencing the same? Not sure...
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    R400k, what would you get?

    Due to get a new car in Jan, set a hard budget of R400k max, what would you recommend? Max km should be <50k and pref automatic Edit: I've been looking at everything from bakkies to polo gti's, no real preference on body shape as it will be a daily.
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    RAIN's network is a joke

    Got 25Mbps earlier today, barely doing 2Mbps now. They are clearly unshaping mybroadband's speedtest server as I constantly get above 15Mbps though my internet isn't usable. Latency is 100ms higher than usual during peak times also Worst ISP ever
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    IS/CellC is shaping fixed LTE traffic but keeping Speedtests fast so you don't notice

    Right now I cannot stream DSTV or a home movie from openload without buffering yet my 10Mbps speedtest suggests I shouldn't have issues, seems strange right? To test my hunch I setup my own speedtest server using this using this code from Github on a dev server at Hetzner with a 100Mbps...
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    New iPhone headphones - wow!

    "the best headphones we have ever made...." Was a very true statement this time, I am really impressed with these headphones. The quality audio these bad boys produce along with the comfort is something I have never experienced. On a side note, apple audio in general is something truly...
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    Solid Computing - Cheap Graphic Cards(coupon inside)

    Hey Mybb, We are proud to announce that we have added PNY graphics cards to our product line up, these cards offer excellent value for money as they don't come in any special editions and with a little tweaking will perform just as well as the mainstream brands. They can be found here ...
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    Solid Computing - Intel Ivy Bridge specials

    Evening myBB, I am proud to announce that Ivy Bridge is available in SA less then 24 hours after the official world wide launch, to celebrate the much anticipated processors arriving here we will be having specials on ten for the rest of this week after which normal retail pricing will be...
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    Solid Computing - Z77 motherboard Specials

    Hy myBB, With the Ivy bridge launch looming I thought it would only be fit to add a few specials on z77 boards before the weekend. We will hopefully have the official pricing later this week and start dispatching the first batch on Monday. I can confirm that the 3770k and 3570k will be...
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    Solid Computing - Bargain bin

    Hi fellow myBB members, We've decided to give a website a long overdue update and to start adding a lot more specials to our specials page : Some highlights are : GIGABYTE nVidia GeForce GTX570 @ R3,390.86 Intel Core i5...
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    Solid Computing - Transformer Prime back in stock!!

    Good afternoon everyone, We're pleased to announce that after the long wait we've finally got the Asus EEE Pad Transformer Prime back in stock. We are busy working through all the backorders so stock is limited, pricing is as follows : Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201, 64GB @ R7,185.00...
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    Solid Computing - Intel specials

    Hey myBB:), We have the following on special for the rest of this week : Intel Core i7 3960x : R9,369.84 Intel Core i7 3930k : R5,252.37 Intel Core i7 2600k : R3,056.63 Intel Core i5 2500k : R1,995.35 We are also proud to announce that we now accept Credit/Debit cards payment...
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    Solid Computing - Mecer lucid tablet and Asus eee Pad Slider 32GB

    Hi myBB:) This is our first ever dealer post to myBB and we thought we'd start it off with a bang : For his week only(w4 2012)-while stocks last Mecer Lucid express slate - R5,799.95 - Sold out Asus eee Pad Slider 32GB - R6,585.00 Intel Core i7 2600k - R3,099.00 Solid Computing was...
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    iPhone charger vs iPad charger

    Was wondering... The iPad 2 ships with such a stupid looking charger compared to the iPhone 4, does it make a difference to charge times for the iPad between the two...? I would test it myself but my iPad doesn't seen to want to go flat:D Figured there must be a difference between the...
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    Stupid 5.01 bug,iPad 2

    Don't know if anyone has had the same issue or if this has been posted but if I lock my device and leave it for long enough it goes to a black screen after unlocking it... It Tends to do this more when I lock while mail or safari is opens.bso now I have the choice of the battery killer(5) or...