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    Microsoft Phone System

    Does anyone have experience with Microsoft Phone System in South Africa that can share their knowledge? We are looking at a VoIP solution for our 3 offices (+-15 employees in each office) and it would be great if it can be incorporated with Microsoft Teams. However there is so much information...
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    Financial adviser

    I take care of my own finances and financial planning but to retain my Multiply reward level I need to go for an annual review with a Momentum accredited financial adviser. The adviser need to complete this Declaration of Financial Review and Product Coverage form...
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    FNB Connect Mobile Feedback

    I received my FNB Connect SIM card this morning and will be testing the service on prepaid for the next few days. Feel free to share your feedback and experience.
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    Cell C bad reception after upgrading

    My wife recently upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini to the S4 mini. Although she is on post-paid I bought the S4 mini from Orange and her contract will convert to prepaid once it expires. Signal with the S3 mini was ok, however since she started to use the S4 mini her cellphone reception...
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    Looking to buy Nexus 7 (2012, 3g + wi-fi, 32gb) cash

    Where can I get a new Nexus 7 (2012, 3g + wi-fi, 32gb) at the best cash price?