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    DStv to launch new channel next month

    Thanks, I will definitely check it out.
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    DStv to launch new channel next month

    What other alternatives are out there to watch the F1?
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    SARS cracks down on Bitcoin traders in South Africa

    Whats the point in disclosing my loss. Are they going to assist me in getting some of my loss back the same way they taxing you when you make a gain???
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    WhatsApp Delays Updated Privacy Policy

    So what would have happened in Feb will now happen in May. So in actual fact nothing is changing. We will have no option to not accept and keep using Whatsapp???
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    Thank you for your reply. I only know of that one. I'm a newbie at this. Thank you for sharing the free ones.
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    When you google for answers this is what I get "Share links in a reduced, easy-to-remember format, place it on a website or social media platform, get a hefty commission" The part I'm struggling with is "place it on a website or social media platform". I don't know how to do this. I am looking...
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    Switching to fibre? Here's what you need to know

    If that is terrible... then what is good?
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    Showmax Pro with live sport expected to launch on Wednesday in South Africa

    Is this going to be a stand alone service or must you be a premium subscriber of DSTV?
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    Bitcoin Thread

    What I don't like about this tax issue is the fact when you make a profit they are quick to join in but when you make a loss they nowhere to be found in making your pain less.
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    COVID-19: Fluke, Design, or Lab Mistake?

    Was there COVID-19 in France last November? "This could establish that coronavirus cases existed right across the world before the pandemic was officially recognized." from the article. link below...
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    Many South Africans cancelled DStv after getting Netflix

    You should check out F1TV, There is a month-to-month and a once of yearly fee.
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    Many South Africans cancelled DStv after getting Netflix

    Which streaming service are you referring to? Is it perhaps F1TV?
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    Big increase in how much South Africans are spending on Netflix

    Who has signed up to the F1 TV? is it worth it?
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    That aim won't be happening for you this year. "Diamonds, which used to be winable from the game board, will also come to and end. For every diamond, members will receive an extra play on the gameboard. From...
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    The cheapest bank accounts in South Africa

    Capitec Bank is the best.
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    Biggest pre-Black Friday sales in South Africa

    Since when is a 25% discount on anything a Black Friday special? Make it 75% discount then yes but not 25% wtf