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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    If anyone is around Edenvale, there is a working machine in Edenmeadow shopping center, just got my card, took 5 min. Called their Customer Care line and they confirmed that the account is upgraded to 100k.
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    Coca cola :just juice now cappy

    Coke was selling it as Minute Maid here, the same as in US. They stopped it few years back and now introducing it with its "European" name Cappy. It is the same ****, different name.
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    Disappearing/Hard to find Products

    Missing badly Kraft Mayo, Vanilla Coke, Hot Heinz Ketchup.
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    The SA Vehicle Industry Thread

    Norway is not part of EU as you probably know by know and they put taxes on everything. They really suck with import stuff. Very limited choices as well compare to other EU contries, at least when i was there. Electronics were crazy expensive also. But like you said no Nkandla and chimps :)