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  1. ronald911

    Car key duplicate

    Any one know if you can get a car key cloned at a locksmith? I don't expect it to start the car, but at least I want to be able to the open the door or boot with it. Do locksmiths do this or will I look like an idiot if I ask?
  2. ronald911

    Covid exposure app

    So, I've been having the governments covid app installed for many months. Still to have it triggered. Anyone ever had a "close contact" alert according to the app?
  3. ronald911


    I suppose I'm a decade+ late to the party, but any active Geocachers around? An Austrian friend of mine introduced me to it a few days ago. Installed the app last night and super surprised there's quite many hidden around in the area, some with very recent activity on them. Will go try find...
  4. ronald911

    Learning Laravel this weekend

    Anyone doing Laravel? I'm going to building a little web app for fun this weekend to learn Laravel. I already know Django, Flask, Rails, NodeJS, React, NextJS, GatsbyJS, and 'vanilla' PHP, so thought Laravel might be a nice addition.
  5. ronald911

    LTE vs Fibre: Consistency

    I've been performing some speed tests, comparing Rain and my new Openserve fibre line. The graph speak for itself... Cannot even compare how inconsistent Rain is compared to fibre. Rain Openserve Fibre Tests performed using
  6. ronald911

    $500 client vs $50,000 client

    Saw this image posted on a developer group I'm on... Super accurate.
  7. ronald911

    ISP Logger

    Hey guys. Just thought I'd share a little side project I've been working on over the past few weeks. Basically an open source Docker script that performs a speed test every hour and then that data gets sent to my server. Would be cool to have some testers, before...
  8. ronald911

    Home Network Setups

    For my December DIY project, I've been rewiring the whole house as we recently got Fibre installed. Wanted to make sure every room in the house, plus the granny flat have solid connections. Basically have ethernet cables going to a few different rooms, each with it's own bridged wifi router...
  9. ronald911

    ZTE MF286C LTE Router

    Item: ZTE MF286c Age: 8 Months Price: R1300 neg Warranty: till 10 April 2021 Packaging: yes, original Condition: excellent Location: KZN South Coast (Amanzimtoti / Scottburgh) Reason: Upgraded to Fibre Shipping: yes, at buyers cost and risk Collection:yes Link...
  10. ronald911

    Afrihost Pure Fibre: Speedtests

    Don't know if there's an existing thread, but here we go. Openserve - 200/100 Area: Scottburgh, KZN
  11. ronald911

    Nokia ONT - LAN stuck at 100mbps.

    My fibre is finally up and running. Happy days. So I have a 200/100 line from Openserve via Afrihost (thanks for the awesome help @AfriNatic ). After multiple speedtests I realised, I'm not getting above about 93mbps. Took me all morning to troubleshoot, but came to the conclusion that the...
  12. ronald911

    Aircon regas

    Took the Toyota Fortuner to get it's aircon regassed this morning... The sign up at the shop showed R350 for a regas.. Upon paying, the lady said it's R580... and I said, but the sign says R350. Then she said, but that's for 'small' vehicles as large vehicles have double aircon units or...
  13. ronald911

    Resident refusing contractor access to property

    About 30 houses in our block haven't been lit up yet as some person aren't allowing the Openserve contractors on their property because the pole is "obstructing" their sea view. What's the legal route Openserve / Rate Payers Association can go to get this sorted?
  14. ronald911

    What happens if an SA bank goes bust?

    Does SA banks have some sort of insurance? I've been googling, but no answers. In the UK for example, if a licensed bank goes bust, they have a compensation scheme that covers up to £85,000 per account. Just a random thought.
  15. ronald911

    Kitchen light - high pitch frequency noise

    Recently got solar + inverter installed. First night I noticed our kitchen light have this super high pitch noise coming from it, that's bound to give me a headache if I'm there for too long. Only me and my brother (both mid 20s) can hear it, the electrician + my parents think we have lost it &...
  16. ronald911

    FNO Sub-forum

    Not sure if stupid idea or not, but what if we create sub categories in the Fibre Networks section for each FNO. (kinda like the CISP and Afrihost section in Fibre ISP Discussions). Balwin Century City Connect Clear Access Connectivity Services Frogfoot Herotel Link Africa Linteg Metrofibre...
  17. ronald911

    Is this fibre?

    Openserve currently rewiring the telephone poles in our neighbourhood with what we assume is Fibre. Still no indication that Openserve FTTH is coming via any coverage maps, etc, etc. (Scottburgh, KZN). Whilst walking my dog this afternoon, I noticed a cable hanging loosely from one pole with...
  18. ronald911

    Podcast with Ghost Founder

    Worth watching the whole chat if you're remotely (excuse the pun) interested in websites, software, publishing, businesses, remote working, travelling, etc.
  19. ronald911

    Full stack frameworks in 2020

    With all the hype being around static frontend framework SPA's like React / Vue and separate backend API's (usually written in Node) these days, does it still make sense to build new web applications with traditional full stack frameworks like Django, Laravel & Rails? My 2cents: The last since...
  20. ronald911

    Which FNO's does GPON and who does Active Ethernet?

    Which FNO's does GPON and who does Active Ethernet? I assume GPON is most common here, but are there actually areas that's got Active Ethernet in SA?