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  1. RandomGeek

    ICASA says SA Post Office must deliver parcels under 1kg, just not food

    Too late for April Fools surely?
  2. RandomGeek

    This is why Google wants to know your birthday

    Maybe Google is just being nice and wants to give everyone a nice Google Pixel phone for their birthday?
  3. RandomGeek

    Nkosana Makate wants billions from Vodacom for Please Call Me idea

    Don't mock this case guys...the lawyers need to eat after all. And lawyers need to eat well too!
  4. RandomGeek

    Domain-name scams on the rise, ZADNA warns

    There is this scammy website... it keeps taking my money year after year after year...
  5. RandomGeek

    Do I pull this or screw it?

    ...and WHEN to pull out is a useful piece of knowledge too
  6. RandomGeek

    Retirement annuity + general investment advice

    Just check the tax impact if you get it paid out in cash.
  7. RandomGeek

    Switch Telecom

    Eish thats not a good story! And what's the story about a router going down - you always have 2 so if you lose one the other carries on with the customer not even being aware of the issue :-/ Maybe acceptable for consumer use as you say but not sufficient for Enterprise
  8. RandomGeek

    Things that please you...

    A decent round of golf. And not losing a ball for once!
  9. RandomGeek

    Would you refuse a Russian and/or Chinese vaccine?

    If they are tested to be safe and effective by proper Western institutions I would get them yes. If not...thanks but no thanks
  10. RandomGeek

    Things that please you...

    Or the Woes Rand even...
  11. RandomGeek

    Things that please you...

    Early morning filter coffee
  12. RandomGeek

    Solidarity takes legal action against illegal importation of Cuban engineers

    Cubans should stick to rum and cigars; we have the right engineers in SA already. We just need to forget about BEE and other obstacles that is stopping good civil engineers etc from doing the necessary work
  13. RandomGeek

    SA engineer slapped with R100,000 demand for pirated copy of Solidworks

    Thats why i keep to Notepad++ and WinSCP on my work machine
  14. RandomGeek

    Uber Eats orders may need to be more than 1kg - industry expert

    LOL I will have to start upsizing my fries - no way I'm allowing the SAPO to deliver my food. Last I checked my local post office's doors were still locked due to non-payment of their rent...enough said
  15. RandomGeek

    Almost 25% of mobile subscriptions fraudulent in South Africa

    Ban WASP services and your problem mostly goes away
  16. RandomGeek

    Any doctors in the house

    @AdrianH - dont take any Viagra - may lead to further swelling of the finger!
  17. RandomGeek

    Crypto scammers ?

    And LOL, just like MTI, every trading period returned a nice gain, no losses. The real world doesnt work like that
  18. RandomGeek

    Classic laptop Computer - Compaq Presario 900 (Circa 2002/3)

    Reduced to R200. Please someone take it off my hands before I give it to the neighbor's kid LOL