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  1. RandomGeek

    Classic laptop Computer - Compaq Presario 900 (Circa 2002/3)

    Item: Compaq Presario 900 Laptop Computer Age: Second hand Price: R300 Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Very good condition. Battery not working anymore; AC only Location: Centurion, Gauteng Reason: Decluttering Shipping: No, collect only Collection: Yes Specs: Compaq Presario 900 Laptop...
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    Tokyo Olympics to hand out 150,000 free condoms - says no hugs

    LOL The Tokyo Olympics says athletes should keep a two-metre distance from other participants and avoid hugs, handshakes, and high-fives at the 2021 Summer Games. Organisers also say they're supplying athletes with 150,000 free condoms, per the SCMP. People are mocking the decision, saying it...
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    COVID may cause Erectile Dysfunction

    Gimme that vaccine ASAP
  4. RandomGeek

    Beware of your webcam :-)
  5. RandomGeek

    Vodacom voice bundles discontinued?

    Hey Vodacom what happened to your any-network voice bundles? The only 30-day option I see in the App is the 60- minute Night Shift bundles for R15? And no options for USSD? If you prefer me to use Whatsapp voice exclusively keep offering voice bundles like the current options...
  6. RandomGeek

    Markets performance Q1 2020

    Received from Coronation regarding different markets' performance for Jan-March 2020. Makes for depressing reading
  7. RandomGeek

    SA - Junk Status

    We have been downgraded by Moody's now too - well and truly into Junk status territory. Add Corona to the mix and we will want to forget 2020 years from now.
  8. RandomGeek

    Flying domestic with minor kids - which form of ID?

    As per title - will be flying with my wonderful fruit of my loins domestically, for the first time. What form of ID do i have to take along for them? Birth cert (orig), birth cert (copy), birth cert (certified copy), passport? Airline is Kulula if it makes any difference
  9. RandomGeek

    SAA's newest A350
  10. RandomGeek

    So, how did your funds perform in 2019?

    Here is a breakdown of my funds' performance for the calendar year of 2019. Was way better than 2018, that's for sure! These are discretionary investments, not RAs, therefore Regulation 28 does not apply. I have been decreasing my risk profile gradually, i.e. moving from equities to less risky...
  11. RandomGeek

    External Hard Drive

    Hi All. In the market for an external HDD - Takealot links below for reference. Does anyone have experience of the Western Digital Elements 2TB drive? Price is not bad at R999. I have used Toshiba for a while - and if I...
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    Apple, Qualcomm settle patent War "Apple and Qualcomm today settled out of court all of their various patent and licensing legal battles against one another around the world." A moment of silence for the poor lawyers on both sides - they will be the...
  13. RandomGeek

    Airbus Beluga XL

    Look at this beauty!