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    Speedtest results different laptop and mobile

    Hi there I recently upgraded my 4Mbps ADSL to 10Mbps. When I run speedtest from my laptop and tablet (both connected on wifi) I get a better reading than before (around 8Mbps) but for some reason on my cellphone (connected on wifi) I still get around 3Mbps (similiar to before the upgrade). I...
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    XBOX 360 and Windows 10

    Anyone knows whether you can view pictures and videos from your Windows 10 machine on your Xbox 360? Previously you could connect Windows 7 media center to Xbox 360 media center but Windows 10 does not come with Media center anymore?
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    Yodata webcam

    Hi there I really need your help - I've Googled the internet blue but can not get my webcam to work properly. It's a Yodata webcam (not recommended!). The picture seems OK (not great but OK) but I can't get the built in mic to work at all! The driver for this webcam currently installed is a...