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    Buying a recovered stolen car?

    AAPV number is perfectly legit no problem there, like mentioned above your resale value might take a tank. Think of it this way: 1. All the service history the car had is no longer there, possibly due to the fact that the car was stolen and the original chassis number was grinded off. 2. As...
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    Which supermarket chain do you support the most?

    Checkers in Clubview Centurion is a breath of fresh air compared to what a traditional Checkers would be.
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    Online Furniture Store - Who offers the better furniture quality

    On that note where is the best place to buy large corner couches. I see most shops have the standard 3x3 configuration, or they have the 2x2 with day bed. I am struggling to find something substantial with at least a config of 3x5 seats or 4x5 seats.
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    Pool maintenance in winter

    Also came here for links to leaf catchers
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    iPhone 12 Pro supply shortage in South Africa

    Seems like this is the standard process now during these times: And you got to wonder why Cell C is in the position they are, and then their response is classic as nobody mentions the poor levels of communication between the business and the customer.
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    Sign into LinkedIn - it normally has the option to trial their premium service. With premium service you have 5 messages you can send free of charge. Search for people within the Takealot group and send through to them asking for assistance, just have to choose the right person to send to...
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    Canceling an Uber

    You will have to go to view trips in the app, select the trip that you cancelled and there will be an option: "review cancellation charge" - normally in those cases the cancellation fee will be reversed. Had exact same thing yesterday, driver accepted my trip and ended up going from a 3 min...
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    Conflicts of interest and incomplete projects: How Lottery money is being spent

    On the basis of this news article I decided just for giggles to see what people are getting paid for projects and the likes from the NLC: So head over to the NLC website and download the list...
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    Afrihost: Please supply better "free" routers

    I appreciated the fact that they gave a free router at first, however I found that after getting about 10 WIFI clients hooked up to the router it didn't know what it was doing, would reboot randomly, would disconnect clients, really frustrating. Ended up buying the Asus AC5300 router with hope...
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    I was stunned and dazed when pounced on by police, arrested, jailed overnight and charged with theft

    Name the restaurant . . . I have had waiters chasing me through the malls after paying for my bill because they were predisposed with other things. The one waiter dragged me back through to their front desk only to find out that I had paid via Zapper, I still asked the manager if everything if...
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    Samsung Galaxy S21

    Thanks - checked now and being delivered by the same oak who delivered my phone last week :laugh:
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    Samsung Galaxy S21

    Try this link out:
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    Samsung Galaxy S21

    Serious, I have been wondering when people would start getting. *Oh Nevermind, see on Samsung members that people have started receiving it, hate FOMO :) Spoke to Lady on Samsung Chat, my claim was only approved on the 30/01/2021, even though I got confirmation on the 27th. So its 14 days from...
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    Samsung Galaxy S21

    I sent the Telkom / CourierIt waybill - it shows that I am the recipient and also shows the IMEI number for the phone.