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    AFRIHOST// No internet after special ends

    Hello, So we used the 3 month special where you double your speed for free. We went back to our initial package and we got an email saying we back on our old package this morning. About 10-15 minutes after the email we didn’t have anymore internet. Phoned Fibre support and after 30 minutes...
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Issues

    Soooo I have a 100Down pure fibre line and I’ve had it for a week, now all of a sudden I’m getting 10Down speeds.
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    Afrihost Issue (New Fibre Installation)

    Soooo we ordered Fibre from Afrihost two weeks ago and there’s an issue where Vumatel tells them we have an existing order with another ISP, but we don’t because we ordered the fibre package 3 weeks after it became available in the area. The only thing Afrihost does is tell us that “We waiting”...
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    Telkom decides when you downgrade

    So a few months back I had a call with an employee from Telkom, and they gave me a deal that I couldn’t resist. 10 up 10 down on 4G for R400/month. Then around 2 or 3 months later, we call about upgrading even more but they say they’ll call us back. The next month we were notified that we...
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    Telkom “testing line”....

    I’ve been in contact with Telkom to ask them what’s been happening to my ADSL line. All they can give me is “We testing the line” (which has been off for a few days) but can’t tell me any more information, or how many days it’s going to be.