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  1. wrinklyo

    Photography Jokes okes. (and funny camera related stories)

    I have a photographic memory. I just don't have any film.
  2. wrinklyo

    HD SA scenery dashcam videos to get out and about!

    I've been putting up some dashcam videos on Youtube of our beautiful country for family and friends, and I thought you locked down ouks might enjoy "getting outdoors" (well, virtually!) so here's some links. (No adverts) They're in 720HD so quite clear. Hope it helps! Golden gate OFS Wide open...
  3. wrinklyo

    I've used up Google; now I need you guys!

    I've trawled through Google for two days now. My Canon MX494 wireless printer suddenly stopped printing. Says no printer is installed. When I try to install a printer it says cannot install wsd drivers, instalation failed. I've deleted and reinstalled the printer drivers from the Canon site...
  4. wrinklyo

    Don't buy Chinese!

    Don't buy Chinese! ----------------- China has a spy apparatus like nothing else in the world. (We now know they even had a spy working for decades for US Senator Dianne Feinstein. Whose husband's company, coincidentally, made billions of dollars from Chinese contracts! Go figure.) China...
  5. wrinklyo

    How do you get MTN to fix their mistake?

    So I've phoned the MTN number, I've emailed MTN, I've been to my local MTN dealer twice, I've been patient for 3 months, and STILL MTN are overcharging me R200 for a R199 contract deal I took out. It's only double what I should be paying hey! That's how to treat a customer, just ignore him! Hey...
  6. wrinklyo

    Large amount of magnitude 6 earthquakes lately

    In the last month there have been 27 earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 6.0 on the Richter scale, including a few in excess of 7.0 magnitude and one or two exceeding 8.0 magnitude. There have been 19 quakes in excess of magnitude 5.0 in the last 48 hours. 13 of those are in the last 24...
  7. wrinklyo

    Question about new Telkom Unlimited Home ADSL

    Hi, I have an old telkom dialup contract which I kept because I didn't want to lose my email address. Now I want to upgrade to Home Unlimited ADSL from Telkom, which includes line rental and calls etc, but I want to know if I will still keep my email address if I do this? I tried emailing...
  8. wrinklyo

    Is this car really valuable or are they pulling my socks?

    I've got a 1988 VW Fox, 1800 I think, and the guys at work make jokes like how fast can it go if you push it after an energy drink, and so on. Then I meet a guy who says it's worth 50 grand as is. So I dismiss this as pure bulldust. Then later another guy tells me he will give me R25000 for it...
  9. wrinklyo

    The long wait to Telkom - 10210 blues

    Recently had Fast DSL 3 month FREE trial installed. My next Telkom account had R400 extra on it. Lodged a dispute on the Telkom web page, but (surprize!) nothing happened. So phoned 10210 to sort it out. Waited 40 minutes for them to answer the phone - eventually gave up. Tried again the next...
  10. wrinklyo

    How do you ask your boss to check if he's bi-polar?

    I seriously think my boss is a bit bi-polar. When he is stressed for a few days continuously he goes into a totally illogical state, and rants and raves at whoever's closest. We can work our butts off, and solve problems, and we still find ourselves in deep trouble. He gets a glazed look in his...
  11. wrinklyo

    What the hell is downloading in the background?

    I connect up to the internet using my cellphone (MTN). I check email, do some banking, and read the news on Google. When I check my data counters I've downloaded 27MB of data. And I can't find out what the hell it is that's downloaded. Windows updates switched off, Adobe updates switched off...
  12. wrinklyo

    Canon SX30is bridge camera

    Recently bought a Canon SX30is 35x zoom bridge camera, and it has this habit when I zoom into a distant object that it zooms back out again on it's own - anyone know why it does this and what I can do to stop it? I've tried it on a number of different settings and it seems to act the same...
  13. wrinklyo

    Wow! 40MB hardrive - whoop whoop

    :D Was stripping some old written off PCs today and found a 40MB hard drive, which I remember installing years ago. At the time I was so excited about this massive amount of storage! Now my digital camera will fill it up with only 10 photos! It's mind boggling how fast things have changed. :)...
  14. wrinklyo

    Canon SX30is - anybody got one of these?

    Hi, This new canon SX30is ultra zoom camera 35x zoom - anybody got one, and if so, what's it like? Are you happy with it? Build quality OK? Any gripes or irritations? Happy with picture quality? Any shop wanna give me one to test for them ;):D Thanks
  15. wrinklyo

    Help! I need a high end 17" laptop for my daughters Architecture Degree, for cheap

    I need help sourcing a high end laptop for my daughter who will be studying BSc architecture next year. According to the varsity, it has to have a 17" screen, be an Intel i5 or better, have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M or better with min of 512MB graphics memory, 500GB HDD or better, 4GB RAM...
  16. wrinklyo

    Telkom Simple - is it a good deal or not?

    This new offering by Telkom called telkom simple - is it a good deal? Usually Telkom have got a myriad hidden charges, installation and modem fees, anti-connect software fees, mother-in-law repellant fees, line fees, etc. Is this deal any different? Anybody checked it out yet...