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    MTN false advertising?

    Anyone able to get this deal from MTN? 3GB for R99. They advertise it, but when you ask them about it then they say it's for certain customers only.
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    Weird icon on Taskbar

    Does anyone know what this icon is on my Galaxy Note 10 Plus? It only pops up every now and then.
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    Mouse "stuttering" on Windows 10

    Does anyone have a the problem where your computer mouse "stops" while using it. Just for like 1 or 2 seconds. I'm using an external mouse on my laptop. When I use the build-in mouse there's no problem at all. I've done lots of research and tried a few things like updating all my drivers...
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    Slow Wireless Network

    I'm not sure where to ask this. I hope it's the correct place. I have a 50mbps Fibre Connection (Upload & Download) and get full speed on all my mobile devices. On my Windows 10 Laptop though I only get max 30mbps (Upload & Download). My laptop only pics up the 2.4GHz Network and not the...
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    Which Wireless Router should I use?

    Hi I have a Mikrotik hAP ac lite and also a D-Link DIR-825 Both 2.4GHz & 5GHz. I don't know all the specs of these two. Which one would you say is the best? Especially when it comes to range.
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    Galaxy Note 8 - Phone Not Allowed

    Hi My phone was working perfectly fine today and then all of a sudden I got a message Phone Not Allowed Emergency Calls Only Now I can't make or receive calls. I restarted the phone. I removed the SIM. Then I did a Network Settings Reset. Still not working. Have anyone else had that...
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    Check Data and Airtime Balance on iPad

    It's been years since I last owned a Apple device. Did they find a way yet to check your data and airtime balance on the device without having to take out the sim and put it in another device?
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    Which is the best?

    I must choose between the iPad mini 3 16GB wifi &cellular or the iPad 4 16GB wifi &cellular. Which would you say is best?
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    Apple iPad mini owners

    What is a good price for a second hand iPad mini 3 16GB wifi&cellular? Would you recommend it? I'm selling my Galaxy Note 10.1 to buy one.
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    iPad 2 (Connect to iTunes)

    Can anyone help me please. I'm trying to get my brother's iPad up and running again. Last night the iPad started updating it's firmware OTA and then after the update it showed the "Connect to iTunes" logo. I installed the latest of version up iTunes on my Laptop and connected the iPad but...
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    Theme for iPad2

    I'm looking for a good theme for the iPad. What do you use?
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    Screen Protector for iPad

    I'm looking for a screen protector for my iPad that's got a white border so when I put it on my Black iPad it will look like I have a white one. Is there something like that available? I'm a bit tired of the black now. It doesn't go nicely with my white iPhone 4S or white Galaxy S3.
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    Vapor Element Aluminum Case

    Does anyone know where to get these cases for the iPhone 4S? I don't want to import or buy from someone who needs to ship them. I prefer going to a store and buy them.
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    iPod Nano Touch Watchband

    Does anyone know where I can buy a Watchband for my iPod Nano Touch in the Cape Town area?
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    Video player for Continuous Playback

    Does anyone know what video player I can get that play a few videos without having to select the next one everytime? I like playing music videos in the car but want it to continue by itself. Using Galaxy Tab with 2.2 Thanks guys
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    Constant disconnects

    So the previous problem was "resolved", or so they say. My speed is better but I get disconnected almost every minute now. What's the use???
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    My personal "Daily" review on the Nokia N8 Received from @NokiaRSA and #N8ReviewZA Day 1 - 17 Nov 2010 I received a call this morning from the office telling me that the Nokia N8 has just been delivered. I couldn't wait to get to the office but first had some "daddy duties" that needed to be done. Ok, so I got to the office. On...
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    What can I do to make my iPhone iteresting again???

    My iPhone has been lying in the drawer since I got my Torch. What can I do to make my iPhone interesting again??? Any applications or games you think I will enjoy?
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    Hopefully you guys can help me. I'm scared to try it out.

    I have 3GS with 3.1.3 with a Spirit JB. I've installed Spirit2pwn but didn't do anything further. Can I create a custom iOS4 FW now with Sn0wbreeze 1.7 and install it and have a JB 3GS with iOS4?
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    Internet Tethering on MTN with 3GS

    Hi I have Mywi installed on my 3GS. What else do I need to use it as a modem with my PC/Laptop?