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    Nedbank Giveaway - R1,000 cash up for grabs - Enter here

    None. It's far more expensive than what I currently pay for no apparent reason.
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    Nedbank Giveaway - R1,000 cash up for grabs - Enter here

    Reach your financial goals Investments to suit your business aspirations. Plan for the future, reach your financial goals and make sure your cash works as hard as you do.
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    NEW - ONE-DAY Giveaway - R1,000 up for grabs for one lucky winner

    Turn your house into a dream home with a personal loan
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    IBM Move in Motion Cash Giveaway - Enter here

    I too, vote for none because life is too short.
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    South Africa moves ahead with coding and robotics at schools

    Robotics and coding don't need dedicated rooms? Are they coding on paper? Dijkstra would be so happy.
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    Suspended Eskom managers are back at work

    Are they though? Like actually back at work? Also to combat the problems they've appointed more managers?!
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    MTN Business Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash - Enter here

    Good value for money in a time when lots of businesses as strapped for cash.
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    Workday Promotion - Cash giveaway - Enter here

    Built on a foundation of trust. At Workday, trust is woven into the fabric of everything we do. To keep your data safe and private, we deploy industry-leading safeguards and continuously monitor our system, so you can rest easy knowing your most sensitive data is protected 24/7 in the cloud
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    DStv Promotion - R2,000 up for grabs - Enter here

    If I had a gun to my head I would choose EasyView because it's the least amount of money I would be flushing down the drain every month.
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    Government owes the SABC over R28 million in TV licence fees

    Time to lead by example, Govt.
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    Netflix library in South Africa will have to be cut down to meet local content quota – Report

    Ooooh, fun! Tinfoil hat time - was Multichoice at all involved in the making of this decision so that they can gain an upper hand?
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    TV Licence fees must become compulsory in South Africa - eMedia CEO

    As things go, doesn't that mean that the SABC as a business is a non-starter? If you rock up at an investor looking for funding for your new shiny idea, and tell them that your business can 100% never actually make any money they're going to laugh you out the door.
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    Big Cyber Monday Giveaway