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  1. dablakmark8

    Problem wit extracting payload.bin with python

    This is the error WARNING: Value for scheme.headers does not match. Please report this to <> distutils: C:\Users\kronos\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\Include\UNKNOWN sysconfig: C:\Users\kronos\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\Include...
  2. dablakmark8

    Destiny 2

    If there is a destiny thread here please deleted this post. OK i am on ps4 and downloaded destiny 2 and been playing for 6 days for 5 hours a dayi think,Ok i dont have the battle pass,dont have psn plus and no one to play with as rank is 28 power is 1262 and got all exotic stuff.I am...
  3. dablakmark8

    Tecno Pop 2X Air RB6S original rom or custom

    Guys i need some help with this phone firmware.Someone entered network code wrong and now the phone is full lock and i was thinking if i reflash the phone with firmware it will reset,then i can enter the correct code.All i need is a link the this rom please.
  4. dablakmark8

    Apex legends

    Hi gents and ladies.I dont see an official apex legends thread,if there is one the search was in for the thread is i entered the african tournement for apex legends and i am looking for 2 players to join me.I am level 500+ and looking for 2 people also level 500 with k/d at...
  5. dablakmark8

    1960 singer sewing machine

    singer vintage 1960 had cranked sewing machine Singer Post 1960 very good second hand Packaging- No Warranty-No as it is a vintage but it workd 100% and will do so for 100 more years. Reason for selling unwanted gift Price-R1300 Negotiable yes location-Cape town Collection confirmation from...
  6. dablakmark8

    Fast stone image viewer error with snippet tool

    Can anyone test on windows 10 if you can use snippet tool shortcut prtscn button while in fast stone viewer.I just cant when ever i open a picture via fast stone and press the prtscn button i get the select area to snap but nothing happens after that.. eg no save or anything.Is this a bug in 10...
  7. dablakmark8

    file version checker

    I am having some major issues with getting a file version of a .exe.I tried powershell and cmd and filechecker program.There is no file version and i am getting errors or no data from powershell and cmd command line can someone help me get this file version
  8. dablakmark8

    Mass effect 3 full controller support Coalesced.bin file

    I been struggling for hours and hours to find a better way to play mass 3 with a xbox controller,you see i cant play with ms/KB as my fingers cramp up and its painful.I did not enjoy the first stages of the game with a ms/KB so i tried the internet to find solutions.I did find solutions but they...
  9. dablakmark8

    strongest metal epoxy glue to glue car door hinges

    I need a quick fix for at least a month,Can someone give advice to bond a car door hinge to the door.What is the strongest glue out there that can take alot of stress and weight of a renault clio 2 drivers door.I will only be able to buy a door month end.It was at the panel beaters twice and...
  10. dablakmark8

    vmware workstation wont allow firefox to be installed

    AM i missing something here cause i been trying for an hour and virtual windows 10 in vmware just wont allow firefox to be installed. Attached is the error code
  11. dablakmark8

    Ps4 controller error pc vs ps4

    I checked google about this and cant find anything on the subject.I got so used to console controllers that i use a ps4 controller for pc games,my fingers cramp when using a keyboard.I also repair game controllers in my spare time.I have been recently plagued with stick drift on the ps4 but when...
  12. dablakmark8

    Lets put windows 10 on diet.

    All suggestions are welcome. Ok i want to create a completely bare bone windows 10,and when i mean barebone i mean take everything out(bloatware etc).Is this possible.I know you get lite versions etc..etc but i want one that just an OS like xp barebone.What tool does this for you ...automated is...
  13. dablakmark8

    standby times for android phones

    Look ive been thinking about this,why is it that many many many many years ago cell phone standby time were ridiculously long hours and days even weeks and all they were using ( battery consumption)was searching cell networks and being connected to network. I was wondering why is it today that...
  14. dablakmark8

    a frustrated user needs root access please

    i am struggling and there seems to be no way to root a hisense f23.No software works and its android 7.0 Is there any help on this and a way to root it without modding the boot img with magisk I am so frustrated and just cant seem to find any information on xda or underground gsm.Is this truly a...
  15. dablakmark8

    how to record a section of the screen you select in windows into video

    How does one use the snip it tool and select a certain section of the screen and record in video.Is this possible in windows 10 or will i need special software.
  16. dablakmark8

    utorrent management list

    Guys how do you refresh the torrent list to only display the complete downloaded files still on the pcto in utorrent. I dont want to go through every single one and right click it and delete torret and data. I deleted alot of files from the download folder but in utorrent they still show up in...
  17. dablakmark8

    Live macosx catalina

    Good day gents and ladees.I was checking out google searches and got alot of info out there and was wondering if anyone got it right to have a live macosx to boot from usb on windows.For example i want a dual boot windows 10 and catalina but i want to boot from usb wen i feel to load catalina on...
  18. dablakmark8

    Screen recorders

    Hi people,long time since i posted anything of value:D. I did the google thing and downloaded a few examples of mouse and keyboard recorders but they just not easy to use and glitchy. I am looking for a simple program which i can have unlimited shortcuts to automated simple tasks. For example...
  19. dablakmark8

    ps3 gta5 online

    Is there any people still playing this game online with ps3 in SA.I kinda need help with heist in the evening. I have over a million dollars would like to get an insurgent....I am on level 72 only. Anyone? any active ppl still:sick:
  20. dablakmark8

    Is it normal to be the opposite of E.D

    :D yes ED(erectile disfunction) Is there a drug one can take to climax faster:whistle: Apparently,women like men that can go longer.But i think its a problem cause if all exe's moan about..when are you actually gonna come to the party. Some are even afraid to to indulge of fear cause its...