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    Download stops when P20 lite goes to sleep

    Hi I have searched for online fixes but have been struggling for a long time, hope someone can help. When I download from Chrome and my phone goes to sleep, the download stops, I also have to leave a site open for it to continue downloading. When I unlock my phone again and check on the...
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    Want to go wireless and get away from DSTV

    I live in Mountain view Pretoria I want to move away from DSTV, looking at wifi (satellite), I see some 24 month contracts for just under a R1000 a month, month to month nets you an exorbitant installation fee, some up to R5000. So, I do research on WISP's and I get worried, I see a lot of bad...
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    Explain 10mb/s line

    Hi I am not up to speed on all the lingo, can someone please help me understand. If I have a 10 mb/s line, does that mean I get a top download speed of 10mb/s or less or is it possible to get better speeds than 10mb/s?
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    Nissan Qashqai 2.0 fuel consumption

    Hi I am looking at buying the older 2l version, they say it averages 8.2l/100km which is basically around 12km/l, I doubt that, anyone owning one and have some stats on the fuel usage? Of course, experiences with them?
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    I was struggling with Cell c to check data packages and get info, gave up, decided to go to mtn because of their speed and because I already have a phone contract with them, sorry to say, I left a request last week for them to phone me regarding an upgrade and a sim only data contract, sorry to...
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    Data prices down

    I see over the media is saying data prices will fall from February 2019, what do you think, worth it to wait or take current data deals while it's on the table?
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    Help me understand DSTV now app

    Some help/advice needed please. I have the DSTV now app on my phone, my explora at home is connected to wifi. The way I understand it is that I can now at work go on the app and set a movie/program to record at home on my explora, I can stream it to my phone now. Problem, when I am not at...
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    Best LTE deal currently

    Our LTE "contract" is coming to an end this month, looking to do better, we have a small package currently 10G for R299. Looking for the best anytime data deal for R300-R400 with the most reliable speed and amount of data for that price? Any suggestions will be appreciated.