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  1. Doom5003

    TPLINK M7350 Mobile Router

    Item: TPLINK M7350 Age: Bought September 2020 Price: R800 Warranty: Remainder of 2 years with takealot Packaging: Yes, original Condition: Great, good as new Location: Upington Reason: Not needed Shipping: Risk and cost on you (add R100 for TCG) Collection: Sure Link:
  2. Doom5003

    Smart DNS on router

    So i have tried a few VPNs on my Firestick 4K and non of them work, so i was wondering if i were to use a Smart DNS to bypass region restrictions on my streaming services on my router, would that work with my Firestick? And if so, how would i go about entering the DNS details in my Huawei B618...
  3. Doom5003

    Anyone have any experience with this shop? Looking to buy a few things but would like to first hear about to shoppers review about them.
  4. Doom5003

    Lightstruck Fibre

    Anyone have any exp with They will be providing fibre to my area in the coming months, according to their site and customer center. But this is the first time hearing of them.
  5. Doom5003

    Prime Video Error

    So I just subbed to Prime Video since there's a few things I want to watch. Payment went through, but I keep getting a error 5505 on my 4k Firestick. Updated my location, cleared data and cache on the app but nothing works. Works fine on Prime Video app on phone. Any help would be much appreciated
  6. Doom5003

    FireStick + VPN

    Just wondering which VPN do you use on your FireStick that actually works for Netflix, Prime, Disney etc? I have a Nord sub, and whilst it works on my PC, it doesnt work on my FireStick. I even tried the same USA server that works on my PC but all i get is a geo error Netflix. Same with Prime...
  7. Doom5003

    Disney+ in SA

    Can those that have gotten this to work, being able to stream Disney here, post how they got it to work. Something like a guide or how to step. Would be much easier for those looking at doing the same to have all info in one place, rather than going to multiple threads for some small info. If...
  8. Doom5003

    Some help for the new kid

    So, let me first say upfront, i know very little about electricity and inverters etc. and the more i read the less i feel i know. What i am hoping to get done sometime later this hear and accomplish is have enough power to stay loadshedding. I probably wont be going off-grid anytime, soon if at...
  9. Doom5003

    Telkom LTE help

    So since a few weeks ago my speed on Telkom LTE has gone down the drain. Used to be able to get 8MB dl easy, but now only getting 1MB dl, no matter the time of day. Still getting full signal, and changing between 1800 en 2300 has no effect. Even tried using sim in my phone, shows LTE+ and...
  10. Doom5003

    Change banks FNB to Capitec

    Hopefully someone can assist with first hand exp. Currently im looking at moving over from FNB to Capitec but was wondering what happens to my Credit Card and the outstanding amount still owned. I remember when i moved from ABSA to FNB years ago, everything was moved over. What ever i still...
  11. Doom5003

    BMW stereo aftermarket upgrade

    I have a E87 with the stock Business headunit and looking to upgrade to an aftermarket unit. Would the be any coding that needs to be done after the upgrade or should everything just work afterwards? Ill be doing the install myself, since it doesn't seem to be rocket science. And secondly, to...