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    Suggest a Phone around R 3 500 range.

    I like this one and it's got lineageos support:
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    3d Printers South Africa

    If you guys want a cheap dryer the reptile heaters like this in a box work pretty good:
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    Stock Picks - Darlings and Dogs

    I figure the strong rand has some effect there.
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    Purchasing a home to be repossessed and auctioned from family from abroad.

    If they are already emotionally blackmailing you it will only get worse once you start paying. Find an arrangement that suits you and not them. You can get your mom a one bedroom flat or one of those lifetime old age residences for instance and your sister has to look after herself if she is...
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Takealot will only deliver on the 20th though as I ordered a 3rd party item as well. But happy to give a side by side opinion.
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Finally picked up a mi box s and a mi stick. Hope they will be the reliable workhorses all my other cheap Chinese android boxes haven't been.
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    Rand strengthens with R14.00 to US Dollar

    Heres a little picture for you.
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    When colour becomes the deciding factor for iPhone's dominance

    Here I am with my R1700 phone that has SD card and cloud. What a world we live in.
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    ANC looking at retrenching 50% of its staff members

    Just cleaning house now that they got ace out of the building. Can't have a bunch of scheming going on to stab the new caesar in the back.
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    Adapt IT CEO Sbu Shabalala accused of armed assault

    Its the way our country has gone. The criminals with corrupt business practice's are more likely to grow their businesses than those that are staying ethical.
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    Woman allegedly assaulted while seeking help

    Your local CPF is usually good to contact. They know who to call to get someone who didn't get the position because his mother blowed an anc cadre.
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    Woman allegedly assaulted while seeking help

    Weirda brug has been a bunch of criminals for years.
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    Government given ultimatum on further alcohol bans for South Africa

    Once SAB have given 30% ownership to a black partner and the government has claimed a further 21% for itself who cares what you think now SAB.
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    Government is looking at the ‘next frontier’ of BEE in South Africa – what you should know

    I think it would be the convenient thing to do to protect the business's image. Last thing he wants is to be labeled an apartheid supporting racist and go through all the PR nonsense that follows. If I was him I would just blame government for issues getting spectrum and then quietly forget...
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    Blocking unwanted calls & whatsapp calls and messages

    On android a few apps have the ability to block country codes or series hopefully its the same on iPhone.(this is trucaller) They can spoof the number if they know what they are doing though:
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    Government is looking at the ‘next frontier’ of BEE in South Africa – what you should know

    Hopefully things come to a crash soon as we know they have no idea how to promote growth and that may be the only saviour of SA.
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    3d Printers South Africa

    Its mostly when your settings are out slightly. The more layers there are the more an error compounds. In most cases it will be the diameter of the filament that's either over standard, varies along the filament, is oval or you set it to less in you config.
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    IBM 2nm chip breakthrough claims more power with less energy

    AMD and IBM have been pretty chummy so Id guess they would pick this up if the manufacturing process is sound. Im sure once we hit 1nm theyll also start dropping the nm moniker 0,8 nm doesnt sound as marketable. But I guess well see.