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    Bitcoin Thread

    @humbledryer & related to Saor's comments, I also spent/wasted time playing around with indicators for fiat trading. By being patient enough and using enough of a fruit salad of indicators) there were some beautiful fits to past data. That greatly added to the tendency for "analysis paralysis"...
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    Mirror (non)Trading International 3 - Freemasons,Russians,and no bitcoins

    That's what we are told is the reason for his statement (and does his reputation with "greenies" no harm) and it might even be the case.. However, the reality of the media coverage IMO it is primarily to bring the price down so whales can accumulate more bitcoin at lower price. Bad news on the...
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    Elon Musk sends Bitcoin tumbling

    Almost certainly the case. This is exactly what the big whales have been waiting for (and by the charts, attempting to achieve) to get prices down so they can buy and set the cycle going again. A "bad news" release like this is the Hallelujah Chorus on steroids for the big traders/market...
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    Do you think polygamy should be legal?

    These aspects of life should be left to the individuals concerned as long as it doesn’t harm others. It most definitely should neither be prescribed nor prevented by government.
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    Cryptocurrency investors should be prepared to lose all their money, Bank of England governor says

    That existing currencies will mostly disappear is almost a given. (I still have every confidence that government will find ways to tax most people. ) The fact that some cryptos will crash is also certain. Equally certain is that whatever replaces currently used currencies will have to be...
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    Cryptocurrency investors should be prepared to lose all their money, Bank of England governor says

    Fear of demise of their currencies - yes. Tax income - no. Just look at how SARS is extending rules to cover crypto. Tax authorities will just develop ways of tracking payment of or with crypto instead of catching attention at the fiat interface.
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    Or a pack!
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    Too true. Taking Elon Musk on SNL as a crypto fundi? Eisch. Might just as well have invested in MTI.
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    Mirror (non)Trading International 3 - Freemasons,Russians,and no bitcoins

    MyBroadband is empty without her rants, errors and arrogance. Certainly my stomach ulcer is recovering nicely!
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    Do you think Ace Magashule will be expelled from the ANC?

    No. He knows about far too many skeletons in too many cupboards.
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    Mirror (non)Trading International 3 - Freemasons,Russians,and no bitcoins

    Both her and JS’s tax returns for the past few years would be interesting. Then again, the fact that the property is in the company name probably means that they have been well prepared.
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    Should the SA government ban travel from India?

    I buy high quality NOT just high price.
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    Do you think Donald Trump should have been banned from Facebook and Twitter?

    Yes because he was dangerous. No-one with the power and supposed responsibility of the president of an even modest-sized country should consider making important statements off the top of their head at 3 am in the morning. When they do, either their own country or media must put the brakes on...
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    Praesidium global investment fund

    Man that is good to read. I have been waiting for this since my first query to members of MyBB in August 2019 to find out a bit more about Praesidium. [I had been approached to invest and was doing doojellydance. It didn't look good so I walked away.]
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    NFT craze creating overnight millionaires

    Is this another impact of the craze: bilboards advertising Luno have appeared on some major roads, in one case replacing an Outsurance billboard? It can only be a very short while before the scams and schemes with NFTs start if a cryptoexchange is advertising on billboards.
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    What would it take to get you to pay your TV license?

    It will take something very special indeed to make me pay. I do not have a TV connected to anything. My screen is used for movies I have on DVD. That's right, I am still not in the Netflix et al age!
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    Greed warning with Bitcoin

    The big thing is not that financial situations have changed - times have been tough time and again, albeit at different severity. It is the proportion of people who now look to quick-fix, easy, lazy ways of making money has increased. BTC is just the currently most popular, accessible way of...
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    Would you refuse a Russian and/or Chinese vaccine?

    Other is my vote. So far, contagion avoidance (moderate social distancing, wearing a mask in crowded places etc) has worked for me and failed for family members who were very ill and a couple who died. Most importantly, at this stage I don't have to make the decision because I am not forced...
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    Karatbars reboot Gold Standard Bank launches new coin - G999

    That neighbourhood looks just as upmarket as a couple of the MTI "offices" in the good old days when MTI was flying! Scammer seem to gravitate towards either over-the-top artificial glitz or industrial estate types of neighbourhoods. Clever really - no matter what their self-identification...