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    Potholes in South Africa - so bad that a fibre operator is helping to fix them

    Not long before this is getting stopped, like what happened with the Outsource Pointsmen. It should go out on tender and should be delivered by a BEEE company. The fact that it is for free does not count.
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    South Africa is on the brink of a third wave - graphs show why health department on high alert

    Have to say, I already know a significant number of people personally that have tested positive. This was not the case during the first two waves. Also a lot more positive cases at my daughter's school than during the first two phases. Hopefully just in a pocket of an outbreak and not an...
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    Stricter lockdown rules, with a focus on large gatherings, suggested

    It is alcohol's fault. Every time they ban alcohol the infections reduce.
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    Third wave of COVID-19 is on the way - vaccinations won't be on time

    In India they had vaccinated 43 million people when the current wave struck. It was only 4.3% of the population though.
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    New driver's licences for South Africa

    Precisely. New contracts means new opportunities to siphon.
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    These are the common items the SA Post Office wants private couriers to stop delivering

    Totally ridiculous. Chances are less than 2% that you will receive your package and if you do you will wait at least a month.
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    SpaceX must have 30% black ownership to launch Starlink in South Africa – ICASA

    So why should he be doing something for the RSA?
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    Government must reduce speed limit in urban areas to 30km/h - Urban expert

    And how many pedestrians were killed on highways where they are not supposed to be?
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    Telkom accused of using other provider’s infrastructure for fibre

    Well, if the ICASA ruling on behalf of Vodacom was that the sharing of duct infrastructure in the estates was “technically and economically feasible”, and “promoted the efficient use of networks and services”, it is applicable to all providers.
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    South Africa suspends Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine rollout

    So that preach to me about not taking the vaccine. Your choice.
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    South Africa suspends Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine rollout

    Go with me to the ICU, look around and then we talk again. Especially if it is one of your family members lying there not being able to breath.
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    Parliament gives Eskom 90 days to finish racism probe of De Ruyter

    Always the race card. As soon as you are not happy with any decision, call racism.
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    Magashule’s allies vow South African shutdown

    Again just show that corruption by the government is supported.
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    South Africa wants to take on dominant cloud providers

    When don't need April Fools jokes in this country. The ANC clowns beats all the April Fools jokes by a mile!
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    SA ISPs must now have black owners

    How will they stop it?