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    Its quite clear the current SA Government and ANC leadership is taking all South Africans down the garden path and stealing as much money as possible. My question though - how do you stop it from happening immediately. The longer this is all 'investigated' the more money is stolen and moved...
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    News24 Android App

    While driving home yesterday the NEWS24 app consumed around 2GB of my cell data resulting in a nasty bill for nothing... The majority of this usage is 'background' data. Did anyone else experience this problem? Looking at the users comments on the Android app store it seems I am not the only one...
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    ANCYL in KZN will back Hlaudi for ANC NEC in 2017

    From: Durban - The ANC Youth league in KwaZulu-Natal has announced that they will support a move to vote controversial SABC corporate affairs head Hlaudi Motsoeneng to the party’s National...
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    The 'clever blacks' have spoken - ANC's Phosa

    From "Treasurer-general of the ANC Matthews Phosa meanwhile has said the ANC needs to accept that many young, black voters moved over to the DA these local elections. “The masses are not...
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    Quota system will end Bok glory days - Mains

    Not nice to see... Article from
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    World Ventures - Consumer commission investigates

    A number of friends ventured into this business. I noted they under investigation with a dim outlook.
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    Drone Shows Apple's 'Spaceship' HQ Taking Shape - CNN

    Drone Shows Apple's 'Spaceship' HQ Taking Shape Apple's sprawling new campus is taking shape, with drone footage giving a close-up look of the high-tech 'spaceship'. Rest here: Very nice indeed!
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    Excel VBA to create a named range

    Excel 2016 macro workbook. I have a number of client lists based on the month they were activated. I need to create a named range for every month and want to minimise the number of time i spend to manually update the ranges. I created the following to create the named range: With...
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    "Get Windows 10" icon at bottom of screen, next to clock.

    Anyone else noted the "Get Windows 10" icon next to the clock on start bar? It asks you to register via entering your email address. That's where it seems to stop.
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    2015 Rugby World Cup

    Hi Everyone Lets get some commentary and views going for the RWC 2015... I am keen but have some serious reservation about the SA team. I think Frans Steyn is a valuable tool. He did so well in the last world cup. Would we have won the game if it was not for his longgg kick? Dates: 18...
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    FTTH - Gillitts / Winston Park

    Anyone else based in these areas with Telkom laying Fibre in your road? Would love to know more details i.e. order process, etc...
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    Vodacom asks me for money - then puts the phone down in my ear.

    Open letter to J van Zyl and VData. Vdata - as you are aware I have been experiencing coverage issues with the network. Tech division acknowledged these issues and I received reference numbers. A week or so later a cancellation reference number. I called the call centre and data centre -...
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    Bonded ADSL - 2X 4mbps lines

    I cannot get anything faster than 4096k at my home and have taken the bull by the horns. I ordered a second 4096k line and want to bond this with the existing to boost speed and especially upload performance. I have a Mikrotik behind the router (or routers in the near future). Anyone has good...
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    DA: Buses stoned in Joburg

    Will elections be really free and fair? How much of this intimidation do we not hear about? "Johannesburg - Three buses carrying DA supporters were stoned, two of them severely, in Alexandra and near the FNB Stadium in Soweto on Sunday, the party said. Gauteng police and Johannesburg metro...
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    Sharks vs Saracens

    Half way so far and what a poor start... 2 yellow cards and scoreboard looking sad indeed. I hope the Jane White / John Smith clan get their act together soon. I have a feeling there are some money involved in the Sharks recent changes to management...
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    SCR3W3D by Vodacom Data package

    I have a 2GB Vodacom bundle on an open contract at R 149 per month. Last month I went over the data allocation by around 2GB – 3GB and I received a bill for R 2450. All OK – I knew the allocation and I went over it; fair enough. This is where they screw me: I called the call centre and asked...
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    Vodacom vs MTN vs CellC Data

    Has anyone done some speed tests on the various networks? Vodacom seems to be crawling in Durban and CellC seems to be best. MTN is somewhere in between. Can anyone confirm my hunch? Vodacom seems to have many switches between EDGE and 3G - this seems to eat away at battery. What Frequency...
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    Misleading opinions on MyBB -

    I am a bit annoyed to hear that some people are receiving "benefits" for singing the praises of some ISP's on these forums. For one this is supposed to be an open forum with credible info and feedback on it - for opinions not to be skewed by indirect influence on members that comment here. Its...
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    Blackberry BIS down again?

    Seems Blackberry services down again. Anyone else having issues? Trending on Twitter...
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    Vodacom BBM / BIS service down?

    It seems once again that Vodacom has issues. I have no BIS access to internet and BBM / email / not going through. I called the VC Call centre and they confirmed "some" issues with BIS and blackberry - AGAIN! No longer acceptable.