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    IBM 2nm chip breakthrough claims more power with less energy
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    How long to do a portfolio transfer?

    Does anyone know what a reasonable time is for transferring your portfolio from one broker to another? Its been about 2 weeks and doesn't seem to be moving.
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    JSE issues?

    Does anyone know what's happening with the JSE? Satrix say its down?
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    List of Companies innovating to survive that deserve support.

    I need help with this one. There have been a few companies where I thought wow nicely done where they adapted to the changing economy really quickly. I like to support businesses like that so I need your help in finding them. So far I only have...
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    maimane-gears-up-for-new-covid-19-schools-challenge I really dont understand... Out of all the things he could challenge why the hell is he trying to keep schools closed? If his issues are with poor areas lacking safety due to poor...
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    Telkom sms issues?

    Anyone else not able to send or receive sms's on Telkom mobile? Need to buy stuff but not getting any sms's. Messed around with my phone earlier so Im not sure if I broke something or if its Telkom. I can phone and receive calls etc but no sms's.