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    RTX Card

    Looking for a 20 series RTX card. Gauteng area. Budget around 5-6K
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    Which ISP's cater for gaming via SACS

    With the amount of times WACS is going down lately I would love to find out which ISP's peer via Sao Paolo servers over SACS. Especially for gaming on AWS hosted games.
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    The negativity towards Cool Ideas

    I am really getting so tired of reading the negative, toxic and sometimes vile comments lately. Every second post or comment is someone attacking CISP, but even more worrying attacking the representatives personally. Just ugly human nature. You would not talk to someone like this when you are...
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    Patio Furniture repairs

    Hi all Does anyone have a contact for someone who re-upholsters Textiline patio furniture. I have six chairs that need to be redone with textiline fabric.
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    DSTV Now not showing all channels

    Hi All Hopefully someone has had this issue. I bought myself an Apple TV 4th gen and installed the DSTV now app. We are using our parents DSTV details as they only use the decoder. For some reason I log in fine but only get the free channels ie Channel 100 and 6 or so crap channels, not the...
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    Huawei B618 Router - Sold

    Item name: Huawei B618 LTE Router Age and condition: 12 months, Excellent Condition Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Unsure Reason for selling: Not being used, Got it with my Rain LTE but I have since had Fibre installed with new router. Price: R1200 Negotiable: Yes Location: Benoni...