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  1. f22raptor

    FNB Business Loan

    Good day My online business has been in existence for 3 months. I bank with FNB. So far each month's revenues are around R8 000. Do I qualify for an R100 000 loan payable over 48 months?
  2. f22raptor

    How To Connect Two PCs Wirelessly

    Hi, All our five PCs can print wirelessly. Two of these PCs need to be connected wirelessly. How do you do this in Windows 10?
  3. f22raptor

    Help Me Build A Gaming PC

    I need a PC that can play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The recommended system requirements are CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or better RAM: 16 GB OS: Windows 10 64-bit VIDEO CARD: Radeon RX 590 or GeForce GTX 970 HDD - 150GB DEDICATED VIDEO RAM: 4096 MB The ideal specs are...
  4. f22raptor

    What Software was used to create this?

    I thought it was Blender but the guy seems to be working alone to create so many high-quality videos.
  5. f22raptor

    What are the best Cloud Servers?

    What are the best cloud servers for an accounting firm with five employees?
  6. f22raptor

    Best Cloud Servers

    What is the best cloud server for an accounting firm of five employees?
  7. f22raptor

    How much is needed to launch an App

    The app does not require users to do anything other than browsing (clicking for information). It requires companies to register their business addresses or something like that. How much is needed to get this app off the ground with the intention of attracting Venture Capitalists? I mean the...
  8. f22raptor

    Requirements To Register For ISO & OHSA

    What are the requirements for a company to register with these organizations: · ISO (International Organization for Standardization) registration · OHAS (Occupational Health and Safety) registration
  9. f22raptor

    How To Open a FNB Business Account

    Is it possible to open a FNB business account online and how do I do this?
  10. f22raptor

    Adding co-Signatory to FNB Business Account

    I would like to add a co-signatory to my FNB business account so they also receive bank notifications. Is this possible to do online?
  11. f22raptor

    Play Store Deductions For In App Purchases

    We are thinking of having an app for our online store (restaurant). Does Playstore always deduct 30% from the purchases? We are more interested in Vodapay (Gpay) as our customers only need to buy airtime to make purchases. If they pay using airtime how long will it take for us to get the money?
  12. f22raptor

    Registering a Company in USA to Operate in South Africa

    I am thinking of registering a shelf company in the USA that will completely operate in South Africa. The reasons will be to make it easier to Apply for funding from American Venture Capitalists (it will be a tech company) List on NYSE or NASDAQ Protect the company from being hijackings and...
  13. f22raptor

    What are the alternatives to Telkom?

    Since May 4, when we resumed work, Telkom has been extremely slow at work. We realized we had a 35-minute window in the morning (0830-0905hrs) to send emails then we would have to wait until an hour or so before knockoff time to do it again. This has led to many important emails not being sent...
  14. f22raptor

    Chevrolet Lumina SS

    I know it is out of production since 2013. Reviews back then were good except for fuel consumption which is at 15L/100km due to the 6.0L engine. Anyone had experience with the car? Saw a 2013 pristine one with just 25 000km
  15. f22raptor

    How much does DSTV pay to air channels?

    Politics aside, please. ANN7 was getting an annual payment of R50 million from MultiChoice. Does DSTV pay to air all its channels does not own? How much does it pay for CBS Justice, MTV, Nat Geo...
  16. f22raptor

    Can A South African Company List on the NYSE/LSE

    Hi, What would be the requirements for a South African Pvt Ltd company to list on the New York Stock Exchange or London Stock Exchange? I know the company has to first convert from Pty Ltd to a limited one. Are there any local companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange or London Stock...
  17. f22raptor

    Are Android Phones the Same?

    I am looking to buy an Android smartphone when Cash Crusaders opens on Monday. The brand is Doogee. The specs of the model I want to buy are Andoroid 9.0 Front Camera : 16 mp Rear : 16 mp, 8mp & 8mp RAM 4GB ROM 64GB The phone retails at just R2 199 Will this smartphone perform the same as...
  18. f22raptor

    Reputable Mobile App Development Companies

    I am looking for a company that is highly skilled in creating mobile apps. I have prototypes.
  19. f22raptor

    Movies I have seen in Lockdown (26/3 - 16/4/2020)

    * Need to rewatch to fully understand
  20. f22raptor

    Creating a Hybrid App

    Hi, I want to create an app. The app is a mini os with only below functions. Call Log Phone Book SMS Gallery Pictures (use camera) Video (use camera) Audio Documents Calendar Internet Browser What are my options? 1. Hybrid app maker WYSIWYG 2. Edit an existing android os 3...