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  1. Wysjoumuis

    What free streaming sites do you use?

    I use and
  2. Wysjoumuis

    Do you own a self defense weapon?

    Do you have a weapon or self defense gadget you own? If so, what weapon/gadget/device is it? Where do you keep it? At home, in your car or do you carry it on you?
  3. Wysjoumuis

    PlayStation Gold 7.1 Wireless Headset

    Its selling for R1000 at the moment. Is it worth it? Good sound quality? How is the battery life? Is it comfortable? Wil use it for single player games, not for online gaming.
  4. Wysjoumuis

    Mybb deleted my thread.

    Jeepers creepers. RIP to soon. Just to let al my new friends here know. Was fun while it lasted. Have a great day
  5. Wysjoumuis

    When will shops be allowed to sell everything?

    Which level will they be allowed? 4,3,2,1,0? I want to keep busy during this time so when can I buy Ps4 games(Don't have internet to download games) and dumbells to workout?
  6. Wysjoumuis

    Gaming deals CNA and Incredible connection

    75% off all gaming and electronics at CNA, have anyone been there to see these "specials"? Any awesome gaming deals? Incredible connection on google says ps4 controllers are R600 which isnt a bad price, a ps4 slim 1tb with 2 controllers is R4000, and again that is not a bad price, I bought...
  7. Wysjoumuis

    Contract or prepaid?

    Im on mtn prepaid, i use R60 worth of data a week some times R90. I was thinking of getting a contract for around R300-R400 but it looks like the phones come with only 350mb, is that per week or per month? Well it doesnt matter it will be too little. What do you guys think? Is it just better...
  8. Wysjoumuis

    Computer mania selling smart led displays, any good?

    On their website they say its monitors but they are cheaper than pc monitors. Anyone here that has bought these displays? If so, any complaints? Thinking of buying one, just so i can say FU sabc you can stick that tv license.
  9. Wysjoumuis

    What do you do during load shedding?

    Im sitting here in the dark and wondering what you guys do when Eksdom is load shedding in your area. On your phones, laptops or ipads? Thinking i should buy a Nintendo switch or someting to keep me busy, dont think i would as the switch cost a lot. Im more a playstation fan, i do have a ps4...