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    Renew Drivers license - Let the games begin

    Damn driver's license expires in May - the booking game starts now. Today 6 April - Gauteng - 0 spots anywhere - not even in places I didn't know existed.
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    What's happening here - anyone speak French yeah NSFW

    I assume some form of protest, but what's with the donkey suit?
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    I have been shopping with my wife wrong all these years (Paris Fashion week)

    From Paris fashion week - the new way to go out with your wife - damn I've been doing it wrong all this time, so many missed shopping expeditions.....
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    Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet?

    Junior received his jab today - 12 hours later he isn't doing so well. Chills, slight fever, nausea, headache, looks a tad flu-ish, speech a bit slurred - will home monitor, temp at 37.6 hope it doesn't go higher.
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    Assaulted in school - teacher possibly?

    A recent incident as per the masks......does anyone recognize the uniforms/school, not much info yet? Obviously not a peep from the education dept as yet....wonder why?
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    Being jabbed with COVID-19 vaccine makes you gay?

    So it appears that the NWO (New World Order) wants to reduce the world population by making us all gay - all I ask is that after I get the vaccination, that you be gentle please. Being jabbed with COVID-19 vaccine makes you gay? An Iranian cleric...
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    Spar - Good for you

    Doing a quick end of the week shop earlier today at Spar, get to the till and shows the Spar discounts around R116 and then till flashed you won free shopping. Anyhow I see online they have a promotion that 21000 people will win their shopping back in 2021 so genuine promo and at least it...
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    Help me add hard drive or ssd to PC

    Hi TIA!! Attached pic of the motherboard and available slots - what and where can I add either a SSD or HDD and what type and what cable would I need and where does it go?
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    I don't exist - well according to Natis that is.....

    Damn, looks like renewing my soon to expire drivers license is going to be a world of pain. Went online to see what booking dates are available, if any, and run into this little gem: Damn, this is probably going to be a nightmare to sort out......sigh
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    Be wary of Avo from Nedbank - glitches and technical errors.

    Horrendous service and support from Nedbank and Avo. I know that people are using them and have purchased items but they have technical errors and glitches in their system, and when that happens, speaking to Nedbank support is like banging your head against a brick wall. Should have been...
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    PG Autoglass fail, BSG for the win!!

    PG Autoglass are dodgy as F$%k. I suppose this isn't news. Anyhow had to replace the car windscreen, insurance said it would be R2200 and my excess 25% so I was cool. They said to contact PG which I did, PG said they don't have it in stock, will call when it arrives. The day arrives, they call...
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    I got bit by a spider

    For about 3 days inside thigh was painful, I thought I hurt my leg in the gym but also started feeling woozy. Anyhow after limping for a few days and feeling dizzy my #$% medical student son has a look and says oh looks like you've been bitten. Then my wife recalled that a few days earlier when...
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    Buying a house with a partner, what if.......

    Non married couple looking to buy a house, but what if after say 3 - 5 years **** hits the fan and they split up as a couple. Now the standard thing I assume is the house gets put up for sale and proceeds/debt are split 50/50 but what if one party wants to remain in the house, then what...
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    More studies point to nicotine as a potential therapeutic for COVID-19

    While our Communist command council and their loonies in control pretend to try and ban cigarettes for so-called health reasons meanwhile causing the illicit trade to flourish, more and more research is proving the opposite...
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    Warranty question - does it transfer?

    A question regarding a warranty - if I purchase an item from someone that is about 6 months old does the warranty automatically transfer with the item, or is it up to the company that sold it?
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    KFC Employee rant....about white people

    You can hear crickets chirping from SA Human Racist Committee and other groups, including KFC, but we all know what happens when the shoe is on the other foot. I suppose when your government themselves have racist policies, the average man in the street feels free to follow:
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    I can't take it anymore

    I think my neighbour is depressed, has been playing Whitney Houston and similar at full volume for the last hour - arghhhhhhhh
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    Is this genuine - massive queue for food parcels?

    Seen this on twitter but nothing on MSM or ENCA, maybe I missed it? Supposedly food parcels handed out today, the line is insane. I gather its some township near Centurion called Mooisplaas with mainly non-South Africans. I don't live in a bubble and know things are bad and am helping a few...
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    So government lied when it said BEE relief funding was just a draft........

    I can't find the thread where it was discussed and there was a document that financial aid during covid-19 relief fund will be given to BEE business only and the government did a quick turnaround and said, no it was a draft paper only and that all business will qualify. Will they have done then...
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    Comment to government regarding lockdown policy here

    comment here re the lockdown , you have until the end of the day