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    MyVodacom app

    Thank you. That did the trick.
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    MyVodacom app

    I have two contracts with Vodacom. One contract is for my phone and it includes data, sms, and airtime allocations each month. The second contract is for a data only SIM which lives in an LTE modem. I receive one account each month which covers both contracts. In the past the phone numbers...
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    Vodacom's Ad laden "Please Call Me" Service

    If it's a choice between feeding the bottom line and making customers happy are you honestly surprised that Vodacom opted for the money? Customers have the money and are, therefore, a necessary evil. They certainly don't have to be shown any consideration or respect in return for their money.
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    Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software PC 10.3.415 and K5008 LTE Modem

    I'm using Vodafone Mobile Broadband release with a K5008-Z modem with Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit. I downloaded the program by using the "Get the recommended app" link on the Cellular page in Windows 10 settings. No upgrade appears to be available. Unlike the software I used with Windows...
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    Internet stability

    I think the problem extends beyond Vodacom. Our complex has a Telkom VOIP telephone system and WiFi and for the past two weeks we have been experiencing the problems listed in this thread.