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    Mybroadband or anyone willing to take on Telkom from certain perspective?

    I am deaf so it's not so easy for me but I am sure that from a specific perspective, it would be possible to get ICASA or ASA ruling about the hidden / secret throttling. What I want and our whole country really need is a ruling from The Advertising Standards Authority about Uncapped, Unlimited...
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    Illegal invading of your privacy?

    Do the following means that Vodacom are going to invade our privacy in an illegal way or are they going to ASK PERMISSION from each and every customer before they turn this on? As per Vodacom billing page.
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    Spying on clients or something sinister going on?

    A very important feature for high end security is IP address validation to make sure someone don't hack a live logged in session. 1) User logged in 2) Connection IP address logged and if that IP address changed, the security system will log the user out and display a message "IP address...
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    Your IP address has changed. Please log in again

    Anyone else that experience the same when using TELKOM mobile when trying to login to ANY cPanel account? No matter what, laptop virus free and immediately login with Cellc, MTN or Vodacom but always the same problem with Telkom the past few days.
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    Honest opinions about this deal please

    It may look as if I want to promote this but 1) I am only website developer, 2) I am deaf so don't really engage socially with other people and 3) despite working online for 14 years my broadband and "deals" knowledge is not on the same level. (For instance never had Fibre, or money for high...
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    Did Vodacom deceited clients in a cunning manner?

    Obviously I don't have the ability to investigate this but maybe Mybroadband or somebody else can investigate? Vodacom 20gb day and 20gb night package for past year where data expire end of the next month. When I checked my data usuage today, I noticed that the expiration date is now 1 month...
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    Any idea what's going on here?

    Right next to Telkom tower - Prepaid Telkom bundle on tablet - 40GB Vodacom bundle on wifi - Get mostly full 3G Vodacom signal and sometimes even some 4G with relative stable and good internet access. Recently over weekends the Vodacom signal barely reach 1 bar EDGE but sometimes even with 3...
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    Anyone know WHAT caused this kernel problem and how easy it is to fix pls?

    After another automatic cPanel update on a VPS with pretty standard setup the following email was received. The system kernel is at version “2.6.32-754.3.5.el6.x86_64”, but the system is configured to boot version “2.6.32-754.9.1.el6.x86_64”. Reboot the system. If the problem persists, check...
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    Any local VPS provider that can match this?

    I am fed up with VPS that cant reboot after kernel updates. R699/ month 6 CPU vCores 8 GB Memory 400 GB SSD Storage Unmetered Traffic
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    Data expiration, congestion and overloading

    Correct me if I am wrong but my view is that the whole data expiration issue is a misleading lie at the side of the operators. “The reason for data expiration is that we purchase capacity on data ‘pipes’ from other providers and this approach helps us to understand how much capacity we need. If...
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    21 MBS old modem beat the hell our of Vodacom 150MBS Wifi

    I am on the edge of Vodacom LTE coverage but 3g many kilometers around me and got a Vodacom 150Mbs Wifi today (deal say 40gb pm but actually only 20gb so another lie) At first I got 50kbs - 79kbs but later improve to 200 kbs but my old 21mbs modem got over 700kbps (and sometimes up to 1200...
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    Anyone have any experience with Datakeepers VPS hosting?

    On the and website they stated. "We're quite certain that we've been doing this longer than anyone else around here, so we've really got the hang of it. We have the knowledge, expertise and in-depth experience to provide you with precisely what you need –...
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    Waterkloof Telkom Line still down after a week

    Anyone else in the Waterkloof area whose Telkom line is also down for more than a week? As usual the only response when phone them is "we are busy to investigate" but I don't want a state capture investigation that took years, I want the line FIXED.
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    Cell C Increase Price with 100% or 650% from 1 October

    CURRENT FAIR USAGE POLICY NEW FAIR USAGE POLICY 1.2GB 600MB With above the price stay the same but with the "fair usage" cut in half the price effectively increased with 100% but how many people will realize that? I don't use Cell C myself but my daughter...
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    Telkom Tower in your backyard

    I stayed in De Deur about 8 km from Meyerton for a while but despite a Telkom signal that is much stronger than MTN I get such crappy service that it was almost impossible to work online (I worked 10+ years online for myself) so I had to roam on MTN with my Telkom mobile account. Moved start...
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    Mobile connection speed - Interesting observation

    It's perhaps not so big deal but how many people know how big influence the SIM CARD have on mobile connection speed? 1) Used a 32K Vodacom sim card on both 3.6 and 7.2 USB modems. Very slow and drop a lot. 2) Used a 64K Vodacom sim card on both 3.6 and 7.2 USB modems. Got around 1.3 mbps...
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    ADSL is ok, Voice line dead. Why?

    Hi Guys About a week ago our telephone line went simply dead, no dialtone at all and nobody can phone us but at the same time our ADSL on the same line works 100%. Logged a voice fault and must unfortunatelly admit that a Telkom tech arrived within a few hours. Did NOTHING here but said...