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    Telkom latest clearance specials

    Hi guys , anyone notice the clearance specials on telkom website, i am interested in the sony xz2 for R169.00, also the Mate20 lite for R279...Mate 20 Pro for R429-.
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    Purchasing a commercial Property On Personal Finance?

    Hi Guys, ok commercial property in this situation sounds overkill, but basically there is a Residential Block of flats in Athlone , with ground floor commercial units sized 25m, and there is one for sale for R500k, which i think is very reasonable as the tenant is paying R7500k, (levy...
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    Who got the A8 Samsung on R99PM with R120 airtime

    Hi all..I applied an email stating I have applied and congratulating me , but not sure if it's 100% approved...nice packages on online ,has the Nokia 8 scirocco for R149pm.anyone else apply?
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    Photography clear out

    Item name (be very descriptive): canon EF 400 L F5.6 USM Age and condition: over 15 months old Do you include packaging: Yes/ Warranty: /No Reason for selling: closing down photography business Price: R12000-00 Negotiable: Yes Location: CAPE TOWN Shipping or collection: R300...
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    Its absolutely impossible to get hold of Mtn Legal.....!!!

    hi all, just wanted to share a situation with you guys, i have a chq a/c that i use for my direct debts, and a savings a/c for all my access that i save in the month. so my chq always has a low amount before my salary comes in. there was a problem at work and my salary came in few days...
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    Need a Car, Got a feW Options, need final advice

    hi guys/ girls.. alright, finally on a look out for a new/demo car. had an astra gtc (old shape) with pano roof 8 bought 8 years ago new, just sold it last week for 70k. got a small one now so need a bigger boot, and wouldnt mind another 2 door or 4 door. have been looking for last 1 month...
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    Telkom mobile specials, what to choose?

    Hi all, im confused on what to get, i see telkom have mobile specials on their contract s, which comes with nothing but the phone. Samsung s2 for R199- XOOM 2 16gb for R199- bold 9900 for R199- Samsung note for R249- samsung tab 10 for R249 lumia 800 for R249- razr for R249- R99-...