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  1. PrimeSteak

    Has anyone here ever played one of the Yakuza games?

    I want to highly recommend this series to anyone who loves games that are action-packed, story-centred yet goofy and humorous at times. It's mainly a JRPG/beat-em-up, but trust me, it's worth your while. Glimpses of the series:
  2. PrimeSteak

    Tablet for mainly reading e-books

    Hey guys, I'm not sure what tablet I can buy that would allow me to read my e-books easily and comfortably (I'm upgrading from a Vodafone/Vodacom Smart TAB 3G from 2012/2013), the tablet should be affordable as well (under R3450). Thanks in advance for the help! Kind Regards...
  3. PrimeSteak

    CSGO matchmaking region problems

    Does anyone know how to change your matchmaking region in CSGO? Every time nowadays if I play casual or anything else really, I get sent to European servers and I get high ping, rubberbanding, etc (you know the drill). So I want to set the region or server I guess, back to JHB/South African...
  4. PrimeSteak

    Kindle/Tablet or Physical Books?

    Hey guys, so I have a bit of a problem. I have a bunch of programming books/manga in pdf/epub format (legally bought mind you, from Humble Bundle) and I want to read them but I despise reading books on a computer/laptop/tv screen and I can't print 600 pages at a time... So I'm considering a...
  5. PrimeSteak

    IT Qualifications via Distance Learning 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Hey guys, so I'm currently doing some short courses (Udemy, Coursera, CS50) and will do so for the rest of the year. But you can't get a software/web/mobile developer job just on short courses alone in this country, so I want to start studying next year, the problem is I don't know at what...
  6. PrimeSteak

    The Game Recommendation Thread

    Hey guys, feel free to use this thread to recommend some of your favourite games to random people on the internet. lol I'll start: Yakuza 0 Not For Broadcast Suzerain Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Kind Regards PrimeSteak
  7. PrimeSteak

    Help with picking Fibre ISP

    Hey guys, so here in my town of Oudtshoorn pre-orders for FTTH just opened but the problem is I don't know what ISP to go with? The main thing that I'm looking for in an ISP that offers relatively low ping ( under 180 is fine) and packet loss for online gaming and just generally good quality...
  8. PrimeSteak

    Don't know what graphics card I should buy

    Hey guys, so I have a bit of a problem here, I've looked around so much on the web for a cheap and effective graphics card these past few days that I've completely confused myself and I'm not sure what card I should get anymore... Please help me... Card options (other suggestions are welcome...
  9. PrimeSteak

    Gaming Platform poll

    I'm just curious, lol
  10. PrimeSteak

    My ideas for the mobile app I'm making

    Hey guys, I'm planning to make a mobile app that will act as a reference and learning tool regarding Delphi, mainly targeted at Gr 10 -12 IT learners and people who want to learn the language. I have some ideas I want to get in the air and get some feedback about. The logo: Is it good enough...
  11. PrimeSteak

    What should the asking price be for the app I made?

    Hey guys, so I'm going to sell a program I made to the local dirt oval racing club. But I'm not sure what the price should be? I had an idea that I'd want to ask R3000 for it. Is it too high? Keep in mind, that this is the first program that I ever made at a "professional" scale, I also just...
  12. PrimeSteak

    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    Hey guys, so it seems like Herotel is going to do the Fibre installations for my town (Oudtshoorn, in the middle of the Klein Karoo) Apparently, they are offering to double your speed if you sign up with them and let them install...
  13. PrimeSteak

    Help with finding a institution that offers IT qualifications via distance learning

    Hey guys, soooo I've run into a bit of a wall here...After wonderful( :rolleyes:) encounters with AIE and Pearson Institute I've run out of options of where to study from next year on, I'm in Matric as of now so I'm making the final adjustments for my plans for 2021 education-wise. What...