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    Trevor Noah slammed for suggesting Israel not defend itself: 'You're downplaying the trauma of millions'

    An Open Letter to Trevor Noah from the CEO of the American Jewish Committee:
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    ‘Hitler committed no crime’: fury after UCT lecturer hails Nazi madman

    This piece of racist filth should go and repeat his "lecture" at a German University. He will find out that the Germans themselves, to their credit, take a very dim view of public support or justification for Hitler (yemach shemo - may his name be erased) and his evil deeds. He will likely find...
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    Which TV shows are you currently watching?

    Enjoying Shtisel Series 3 on Netflix.
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    The Audi Thread

    Audi Freeway Plan extension calculator :
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    Anyone interested in a WhatsApp group for traders?

    Please could you send me the links too.
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    The one stock that turned R10,000 into R121 million over 25 years

    Another massive ex-South African success story in the form of long-standing shareholder and CEO, Rodney Sacks.
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    Car trouble

    I had a similar issue on a VW Polo Classic which turned out to be a problem with the ECU aka computer box.
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    Buying a standalone home - tips, tricks and advice

    Here are some tips from my checklist when I last moved house: Check where your water shut off valve is located in case you ever have a water leak. Same applies with the electrical distribution board and main power switch. Arrange internet / fibre connections. Check that all plugs, showers, taps...
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    Wife cheated

    A truly horrible situation and I wish you all the strength to get through it. I can recommend the following very helpful website which includes a section on understanding and dealing with infidelity :
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    British series, mini-series and dramas .....

    She was also in Summer of Rockets, which got 7.0/10 on IMDB. Good series if you enjoy Cold War based stories set in the 1950's.
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    Vitamin D

    The purple pills with 50 000 IU's are Calciferol. I need to take a tablet weekly for an automimmune condition but have not been able to get stock since March due to the massive demand caused by Covid. At least there are alternatives like sunshine and over the counter Vit D but I don't think...
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    What book are you reading at the moment ?

    I Am Juden by Stephen Uzzell. "Inspired by the life of forgotten hero Haim Michael Klar, the #1 Amazon Charts bestseller I Am Juden is the triumphant, epic tale of one man's incredible courage and resistance during the twentieth century's darkest days. ..". "Jozef Siegler leads a perilous...
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    How to invest in Vanguard (from SA) when not a US citizen or resident?

    I am not sure about the administrative procedures but the first $11.58 million of an estate is exempt from US federal estate taxes. The tax is therefore applicable to only a tiny portion of deceased estates and then at a rate of 40%.
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    Ford Kuga Considerations

    Adam Ford and Saige Moodley on Buyers Guide on DSTV channel 189 often recommend this particular vehicle. They stress that prices for used Kuga 2.0 litre diesel models offer very good value because of the reputational damage and the negative effect on demand caused by the Ford Kuga fire debacle...
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    Buying a Treadmill.. which one?

    Yes, that is the Dubbin I use. It is normally used for treating leather. I have seen YouTube videos where they use silicone but the guys from Trojan specifically recommended Dubbin. It is applied to the running deck underneath the belt so the belt runs with less friction.
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    Buying a Treadmill.. which one?

    The specific brand of treadmill probably depends mostly on your budget. The only brand I am really familiar with is Trojan which sits at the lower end of the market. I have had a Trojan Ironman treadmill for about 15 years which I have used for light fitness work and is still going strong. It...
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    Big Cyber Monday Giveaway

    Bidvest McCarthy
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    Do you have life insurance? When did you get it?

    As recommended definitely consider PPS if you qualify. The problem is that life is unpredictable. If you have an unexpected health issue, it may mean that you cannot obtain life or disability cover in the future. You could be excluded totally or only able to obtain cover with expensive loadings...
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    How well do you get along with your neighbours?

    I have a neighbour who comes straight from hell. His house is built lower down a slope. that we are both on . The result is that the top of his wood-burning fireplace chimney is therefore only slightly higher than the level of my main bedroom. The effect is that his wood-smoke blows towards my...