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    Wider Shoulders?

    Hey guys, I noticed some good developments in my shoulder but I want to increase it more or know if I'm doing a good job. I only do side laterals and front raises. I cannot do overhead press due to pain even when I do good form so im not sure if excluding these will limit my progress to get...
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    Axxess Speed Issue

    Hi guys I am on the 40mbps line but i reach all different speeds such as 5mbps, 10mbps and sometimes 20mbps... I am never getting close to what i'm paying for which is frustrating. Honestly thought speeds would be constant on VDSL however this seems worse than my LTE service. anyone...
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    VOIP on Android?

    Hi I got a voip number but im not sure how to use it on android device. I'm not sure of any app as well that this would work on
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    Do they still sell licenses?

    This got me quiet curious Okay so i know way back in the day some people actually did buy their license even if they drove good but avoided lines or all those fees etc. I know that they still do the whole contact thing at the testing station but what about buying a physical license? Or has...
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    Axxess - How long till it activates?

    Hi, I just need to know how long till my internet actually starts working. It's been like 3 days and still no internet connection. I believe i set up the router correctly inputting the username (username@axxess) and password given but it says "no internet connection" Second light on DSL G225...
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    Router for DSL?

    What is a good router for my DSL Budget is around R1000 The speed is 20mbps Thanks
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    Foods for hunger pains/pangs

    Hi guys. I have like an undiagnosed medical condition where i get burning hunger pains and have to eat otherwise i get really sick (yes it's ulcer symptom but i have no ulcer). I was wondering if there's any good foods i can eat for breakfast before going anywhere so that i don't have the...
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    Any good month to month contracts?

    Hey guys. Is there any good month to month deals with good amount of data? I suggested rain for my uncle because he can't afford much but the is speed bad (0.14) They want to stream but im not sure if theres any thing reasonable He can maybe push it to R300.
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    How to improve speed?

    Hi guys My cousin got Rain set up on Saturday and the speed is like 0.14mpbs! He tested using his phone since they have no router but will get one soon. Will the router using those antennas (those paddle ones) that go in the back actually improve the speed? They can't afford an external...
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    Uber Eats and Paypal?

    Has anyone managed to pay for uber eats using only PAYPAL BALANCE? i tried adding it to my uber eats account as a payment method but its only giving me an option to charge debit/credit card however it states in grey ''if you have a paypal balance we''ll use that first'' however im skeptical...
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    Pressure Washer with Tank?

    Hi guys Is there any portable pressure washer available with a small water tank that's reasonably priced?
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    Axxess DSL - Just ordered

    Hi guys I just ordered the 20mpbs (my exchange only supports this). The application is done but now do i wait for technicians to come and set it up or will i have to do it myself when the router arrives to me etc Not sure if it straight forward like adsl was.
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    VPN on PS3?

    Hey guys Is there any way to get a VPN to work on ps3, like an app i can connect to on ps3 or settings to change on ps3 itself. I don't want to leave my pc running, i want everything to be done on the ps3 if possible. I'm looking to do this because of Netflix (change country)
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    How to test rain network?

    Hi, So I was mistaken, i thought rain offered prepaid options so i could just buy data and test the speed before committing to any data deals. Is there some way to test the speed without actually signing up for any of their packages.
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    Huawei B315-936 WiFi Issue

    Hi, For some reason my router has an issue with Wifi, the name of my wifi will show up then disconnect/disappear , then show up again and do this constantly. It's basically unusable. Its up to date too, i did check. Any possibile fix?
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    Anyone did an endoscopy?

    Hi, So from August I've been having issuee with my stomach, seems like an ulcer (burning, hunger pains and indigestiion). GP gave me antibiotics and was on like 8 weeks of omeprazole. It didn't heal me, which was weird. So i booked a scope for next week. I'll be given sedation (i asked for...
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    Vox Pure DSL?

    Hi I've seen the vox pure dsl deals, is anyone having a bad time with the network or has it been consistent? I see I'll have to only buy a router and I'm assuming someone will come install whatever is needed. Not sure how this works considering there's no phone line required so why exactly...
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    Need a good deal!

    Hey guys, My mums company offered to pay for internet so she can work at home now and then but the budget is around R300 I'm thinking obviously only LTE/data sim (with router if possible) so we can also make use of it with low usage. Any good deals? Thanks
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    Legalities online business

    I was wondering if there's any legal stuff that needs to be done when it comes to owning an online business (fully online, no physical products). I'm a student so I don't want to pay anything else except hosting and domain unless there's legal stuff that is Absolutely necessary to be done...
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    Netflix not working on Android box?

    I've never really had Netflix on my X96 box or the Mxq one but I tried to install it (also a older version) because the new Netflix versions aren't compatible Anyways, I'm able to enter my email and password but I keep getting "Netflix can't reach server - 2" every time... And it's not my...