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    Hosting reseller account for sale, nice name, 12-13k per year income.

    Hey all, I'm starting a new job in February, and I want to sell my hosting clients. I've got a nice domain and started hosting for family and friends (for free) - they have converted to paying customers and I have a few paying customers. 1 or 2 friends or family didn't convert. Linux / cPanel...
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    [S] 50mm Basswood blinds 1915mm x 915mm - Recess

    I have an extra 1915mm x 915mm basswood type blind. Recess /50mm variety. In perfect condition. Nutmeg colour. Youll need the wall brackets though. Easy to find Im sure. Collect or deliver in Gauteng. R500.
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    PS3 for sale - R1800

    Hi again Tough audience to sell to. Don't make it any tougher. Age: 5 years Warranty: None Packaging: None Location: Randburg/Roodepoort Condition: Excellent Reason for sale: Not using it. Shipping: I prefer collection or delivery in Gauteng. Not really willing to ship if it's a trade, but...
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    [Sale] Playstation 3 + 8 Games + 2 Wireless Controllers or Swap for 32" TV.

    [Sale] Playstation 3 + 8 Games + 2 Wireless Controllers R2000 or Swap for 32" TV. Hi all I have a Sony Playstation 3 + 8 games and 2 wireless controllers for sale. Willing to swap it for a nice 32" TV too. Age: 5 years Warranty: None Packaging: None Location: Randburg/Roodepoort...
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    Dell Latitude e6520 Laptop (i7, 500GB HD, 16GB RAM, 15,6")

    Item: Dell Latitude e6520 CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 (2720QM) Sandy Bridge RAM: 16GB RAM DDR3 Storage: 500GB HD Display: 15,6" Display OS: Windows 10 Pro Extras: Backlit Keyboard Age: 2011 Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Used Location: Randburg, Roodepoort Shipping: At buyer's...
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    Getting rid of a car and getting a 2nd hand for cash

    Hi all, I'm in the fortunate/unfortunate position to get rid of my iX35 (which I still owe R103,000 at the bank, at a R3600pm payment).... However, I've been made an offer from a dealer that I cant resist, to settle and buy the car. I will have about R60k to R80k to spend on another car...
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    Sweets/Candy specialists

    Hey all. So at one stage I wanted to import sweets/candy from China. Shipping fee for 350kg is R23000, then I still had to pay for product, customs, tax etc etc. I decided to try it at home. Worked well to the point after cooking it, pouring into a pan and doing with it what I needed to do...
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    Dell Latitude, i7 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

    Item: Dell Latitude E5450 CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 vPro 5600u RAM: 16GB RAM Storage: 1TB SSD Display: 14" HD IPS Display Graphics: nVidia GT840M 10GB Graphics (2GB Dedicated) OS: Windows 10 Pro And more: Office 2016 Pro Plus, Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint reader Age: New Warranty: Yes till 22nd...
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    Binding, Domains, Servers, Linux, WHM, cPanel, whaaaaaaat? [Issue]

    Hi Everyone Need some help. Willing to pay. I have a domain where the main domain is not bound to the Linux server we have, but it's bound to a Windows server and everything is running great. However, I want to set up a demo site for my client on the domain, but...
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    Desktop PC Core i5, 256GB Samsung SSD + 1 TB HDD, 4GB RAM, 22" Monitor

    Desktop PC Core i5 650 Intel MSi MS-7636 Motherboard OS Windows 10 Pro Adobe Creative Cloud Apps 256GB OS Disk 1TB Hdd 4Gb RAM 22" LCD Screen - LG w2243s Keyboard + Mouse WiFi Usb dongle Pinnacle Case Area: Roodepoort/Randburg R6500
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    Best way to receive small payments online

    Hey all, What is the quickest and best way to receive small payment from someone, anyone, if I have a small online service. Examples: Hosting site, typically small payments ie: R49pm Dating site, typically R100pm Email Validation service, R200 per 1000 etc etc I understand there's...
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    cPanel / WHM licensing - VPS or Dedicated - Whats the difference

    I've got a Linux dedicated server in a colocation environment, I've tested it and works well. If I want to open this up to the public and install WHM/cPanel, so that every domain has access to cpanel. Should i get the VPS license or the Dedicated license? Slightly confused.
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    In, out, In, out, shake it all about..

    While I'm giving these nice tips on Web development. Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to test a logged in version of your website together with a logged out version in the same browser. But you can't really be logged in in the one window and out in the other, so what I do is, I open the...
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    Car Repayments, Finance 101 vs Weird thinking

    Hey guys, I just wondered. I've got a 5 year lease on my car, about halfway now and have some extra cash to put towards the car at the end of the month. Should I.... Put it directly towards the financing, ie: Pay financing more than I have to - OR - Put the money in an account and...
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    Any PHP developers here who has.... ( WHMCS )

    Are there any PHP developers here who has experience with creating add-ons for the WHMCS App store / Marketplace. I'll pay you. Not a (I'm a designer, you're a developer request) :-D
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    Looking to buy some web hosting clients

    Hey all, Ive got a reseller account, hosted locally, support is local and I'm looking to chat to anyone considering selling their current client base. If you need a quick way out of your current situation, I'll try and help. Proved earnings a must. Even if youre just willing to sell off those...
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    Trying to cancel adsl line but theres a snag

    Hey everyone, i was one of the guys to jump on the special when telkom offered the R900pm adsl line 10mbps/50gb pm. Worked well for us, but it came with a dstv decoder. Big mistake. We're going to move now, we cant take the line/adsl package with, because they want us to take the number...
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    Codefights, seems very interesting, have you done it before?

    So, I'm a web designer, html, css, wordpress themes etc etc and I was busy going through the meteorjs site (as inquisitive as I am... or was it their claim to fame catchline, "Accomplish in 10 lines what would otherwise take 1000") And I saw this article about Codefights and I went to the...
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    Found a Search & Replace strings plugin for Wordpress

    Found a Search & Replace plugin (By Frank Bultge) that allows you to search and find strings in your database and replace those strings, from within Wordpress Admin, without opening the database. It's super handy. Just thought I should share. It will come in very handy when you install a...
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    Starting an afilliate programme ( Online accommodation bookings )

    Starting an affiliate programme ( Online accommodation bookings ) Hi there everyone, As you must know by now already, TravelGo has been converted to Wordpress and I'm thinking of implementing an affiliate programme, before we launch the WP version. It'll be one that we'll code ourselves...