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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    Hi client from THE first special. Manageto upgrade all 3 lines. Phoned retentions.took45min to get thru. Took the 1. 150gb day 150gb nite sim only for R299. 2.10gb anytime 150 anytime mins for R79. 3. Huawei y7p with 20gb anytime and 50mi s anytime for R200.
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    Upgrading on MTN

    Best would be to wait for another BF deal...
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    Big delivery delays at Takealot

    They delivered to me before..I am a franchise store in a Damn can they get that wrong...eish
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    Big delivery delays at Takealot

    this is really Kaakalot: Latest update: 15 Jun 2020 COURIER: TAKEALOT DELIVERY TEAM As of Now....still no parcel 14h29 Courier delay, we'll reschedule delivery. Ottery, Southern Suburbs 12 JUN 2020 13h22 Delivery rescheduled for 15 June 2020 between 08h00 and 15h00 13h22 Parcel lost in transit...
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    Telkom latest clearance specials

    Hi guys , anyone notice the clearance specials on telkom website, i am interested in the sony xz2 for R169.00, also the Mate20 lite for R279...Mate 20 Pro for R429-.
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    Purchasing a commercial Property On Personal Finance?

    I work full-time , I own a small side business but it will never qualify for finance.I am.trying on my salaries strength.
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    Purchasing a commercial Property On Personal Finance?

    Hi Guys, ok commercial property in this situation sounds overkill, but basically there is a Residential Block of flats in Athlone , with ground floor commercial units sized 25m, and there is one for sale for R500k, which i think is very reasonable as the tenant is paying R7500k, (levy...
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    Please Rate Telkom

    Just pathetic...from.applying waiting for months , to cable theft and having weeks without internet to cancelling and waiting a year for lines to be cancelled.....just atrocious....
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    Renault SA crap incompetent service!! Bunch of clueless clowns!!

    Kwid , Sandero and duster are Dacia....that's why they sell well...see how the megane and co sell....n see the reliability.
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    Best Super Cheap Car (<40K)

    Paid R42k for a 09 fiat palio 1.2 4 door...excellent condition. Excellent run about or every day car.
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    Haval/GWM Cars

    What discounts are the dealers offering ? Brand new 0 kms H2 1.5 Luxury in stock priced at R319 000, Willing to go down to R279 k , I offered R250k they refused...Will try again in the week if they deal...
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    Renault SA crap incompetent service!! Bunch of clueless clowns!!

    Are people still buying Renaults......?? Wtf.......
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    Finance for Holiday Property Share in CC

    Only a personal loan, u can not get home loan finance. I bought a share in a 2 bed flat in a hotel overlooking the sea in strand , costed me R125 000, I get 4 weeks of my choosing a year to rent it or stay in , so.basically I bought 1/12 , I pay about R550 pm in levies for maintenance. I think...
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    MTN Smart S phone is a disappointing stripped down JioPhone

    Not really, I'm thinking of getting this for calls only especially with that battery life...perfect cheap phone when u don't need to take the expensive phone out.
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    MTN Smart S phone is a disappointing stripped down JioPhone

    For R250 I think those are brilliant specs...dual SIM , WiFi n GPS , show me another phone under R700 with these features...
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    Cerato koup

    Had a 2012 model for a few years in black, 6speed autotronic,best car I ever had..U won't go wrong....
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Enter now and win great gadgets

    will be: R199.00 Hisense H12 Lite on Made For Me S 350MB 50Minutes 50SMSs
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    Vodacom contract renewal - PATHETIC SERVICE

    Took me 5mins from mtn 808 contract nr to renew my contract....wonder why it takes Vodacom so long...